Warwick Davis interested in appearing in Fantastic beasts


Warwick Davis cast of the iconic I Harry potter series has said that he is interested in appearing in the fantastic beasts series. Harry potter is a movie series based off the best selling book Harry potter written by JK Rowling.

Since its roots success productions decided to release a series of movies and called the fantastic beast series. The events in this series of movies takes place 70 years preceding the events of Harry Potter.


 Since the fantastic beast movie series is set up 70 years before Harry potter this means that a lot of all characters from Harry potter will be included in the new installations.

for now the only character that have appeared is Albus Dumbledore in the recent installation the crimes of Grindelwald. Warwick Davis is the actor who plays the characters professor Flitwick the head of the Ravenclaw house, Griphock the goblin and and the role of Verne Troyer.

Though he hasappeared in more than once in the Harry potter series in more than one character, he has not appeared once on the fantastic beasts movies. Davis expresses that he would be interested in appearing in one of the movies in a new role or in his old role.

 However, if Davis is given a chance to appear in the fantastic beasts movies he will have to take a par new character as according to the books Filius Flitwick was not born during the fantastic beast events,graphics age as well is never mentioned any Harry potter novels or in the movies.

the production of the third installation has not begging yet and would not be till the start of spring. II installation in the series did not perform as well as the first one on the box office despite having the big label of Harry Potter.

It could be possible that it was missing this iconic actors cameo in the movie. Many can only hope that he lives a role in the third installation as he was able to manage a whole movie on his shoulder (Solo:A Star Wars story).