Warner Bros and DC films Finally Announce The Shazam 2 Coming Soon.


Warner Bros and DC films finally announce the Shazam 2 release date with the Zachary Levi-Led superhero sequel arriving on April 1st, 2022.

The first part of Shazam had been extraordinary in the theatres, and it just rocked everywhere. People loved it, and it was nearly likely that we could have seen the next part would have come out. Since the next part of the movie is coming out, the fans would be very eager to watch it on the big screen itself. The film received very positive reviews from the critics, and a small budget became a massive hit for the studios earning 364 million dollars globally, which is a very big thing to achieve.


Shazam 2

Ever since the debut, those who have enjoyed Shazam have wondered that when the next installment of the franchise would arrive. It was reported earlier this year that original writer Henry Gayden was returning to write the script for Shazam 2 and that it was expected Sandberg would return to direct as well. But there has been no official word on the sequel since that point, even though some internet rumors circulated that Shazam 2 was officially announced at CCXP in Brazil last weekend.

As for what the fans will expect to see in Shazam 2, the placement after Black Adam will allow the sequel to tease the presence of Dwayne Johnson’s superhero further if need be. But, it is not expected that he would have a proper role in the movie. The first movie used its post-credits scenes to tease Mister Mind Dr. Sivana working together, so I think they will likely be the main villains. The inclusions of more villains could allow the other members of the Shazam family to be more heavily featured or even payoff the Superman tease from the first film.