Warframe is a cooperative RPG shooter set in a not-futuristic version of our solar system. It is about where the similarities end. In 2013, it was little more than a procedurally generated loot shooter, but Digital Extreme has grafted dozens of features on that root system. Space and underwater battles, an open-world arena, PvP fight, customizable housing, public space stations, accessible pets. The evolution of war is not like a well-done plant – it is like a mutant science experiment.


Game systems sometimes stitch each other in ways that are sometimes incompatible but are all equally compelling. Do I want to tackle the toughest mission or spend my time searching for the best cosmetic gear? Each is a uniquely rewarding discovery with its appeal.


Killing Machines


There are over 50 Warframes and over 100 weapons, lending tons of variety to character progression. Warframe has its RPG Glasses and has four kinds of abilities. For example, it can crush hordes of enemies using their magnetic powers.

Necrosis style frame necrosis can revive dead enemies to fight for it. The hydride can summon an area of the terrace as a Kraken that rotates enough to crush and pin any enemies. And they are simply more original Warframes. For example, Octavia has a device that collaborates as players’ actual game-synthesizer and composes its tune. Equinox is two Warframes in one, switching between night and day modes that have completely different capabilities.

Kung Fu


As Tenno, I belong to an ancient order of space sailors who have been revived by Cryosolips to bring balance and peace to the solar system. Tenos like me are in short supply, especially given to the grinders, corpus and infected factions against whom I fight, they have an endless stock of soldiers. To balance the odds, Tenno uses invincible armour with his ability and playing style, known as invincible armour. But all Warframes share two things: impossible agility and a staggering amount of customization.

Making these weapons and frames is another aspect of the Warframe coin, and this is where I started by tucking into the hard bind of the Warframe. Frames are probably the most difficult because their blueprints usually come from the owner of only one planet. To get all three component blueprints, you must run the boss at least three times – but often many, many more.

Death Dealer


What sucks is that not all of these progression systems in Warframe are built with equal love and care. The Digital Xtreme will have to pump updates at a steady pace to keep players, but some of these new features also seem half-finished and slightly artificial. For example, the Archwings are a Gundam Wing-like suit that allows your Warframes to fight from outside, but they are poorly controlled and are barely used outside of some mandatory missions. Spending time on them seems pointless.

I like interacting with some colourful NPCs like Cephalon Simaris, an AI inferior who kills everything so that it can steal its data and keep it alive for eternity in a fake reality called the Sanctuary.

While it may not be massively multiplayer, Warframe has a lot that I love about MMOs. To tell it, there is a vast world with stories of plunder to meet and cultivate people. It’s hard to learn, sure, but World of Warcraft was the first time I logged in. And, honestly, it’s exciting to feel lost again.