Walking Dead Season 10 Episode 13 Is Michonne Locked in the Cell


THE WALKING DEAD has attained its 10th show and one of the main personalities, Michonne, is due to depart. However, is Michonne in prison?

THE WALKING DEAD on AMC has nearly reached the end of their 10th series and lovers are waiting for one character to go back.

The brave and feisty Michonne (performed with Danai Gurira) is set to depart the series but she is creating a special comeback in another episode. Fans have spotted a photo from incident 13 which reveals Michonne locked up in some kind of cell.

Fans have posted an online which has been taken from the show and it reveals Michonne on her own in some type of jail cell.

The last we saw of Michonne was when she had left the rest of the survivors to attempt to assist Virgil (Kevin Carroll) to find his family.

She consented to assist him in exchange for the pair set off to an unknown site in a boat as well as weapons for the survivors.

Fans are leery of Virgil, stating they fear he could have tricked Michonne because she is a strong link, into separating in the group.

The Walking Dead: Michonne in another episode.

Fans will have to wait until the next episode to discover if she’s been imprisoned, although he locked her up and can have kidnapped her.

A couple of peaks are published and one shows Michonne and Virgil having a conversation in a forest.

Michonne states: “There are no weapons here at all,” to which Virgil replies: “I promised I will help you check, and I will.”

Michonne then storms off to attempt to find them Virgil warns her the island Isn’t apparent and there were other people who”brought violence and illness”

The Walking Dead: Michonne finds out the truth.

As Michonne is good with a sword he wants her to rescue his wife and children that are trapped on the island, and that explains why he requested her to come with 36, Virgil says.

He tricked her into joining him as he knew she’d be able to use her strength and skill to clean the island of those and walkers who have taken his family hostage.

There’s a possibility after hearing it was all a set up the island wills try and escape, but she is caught by Virgil before she has an opportunity to get away and locks her up.

Or she could agree to help him but she falls in the hands of the group who’ve seized Virgil’s loved ones and take her as captive.