Waiting For Fourth Stimulus Check? Up To $6500 Payment With Basic Income Program USA!


Americans should examine their local government agency for possible help services while waiting for news on the fourth stimulus check. Currently, over 15 cities have guaranteed income programs that may provide Americans with up to $6,500 per beneficiary.

Many government agencies are aware that their citizens are in need, and officials are doing everything they can to assist them. Many people started financial aid programs in their own communities. DailyMail mentioned 15 cities which have ongoing proposals or approved basic income programs available. Some of them –


Compton, California: The Compton Pledge would provide $300 to $600 payments over a period of 24 months to 800 residents in Compton, California.

Oakland, California: The Oakland Resilient Families initiative will provide $500 monthly payments to 600 families for at least 18 months.

Los Angeles, California: Under the Basic Income Guaranteed: LA Economic Assistance Pilot, 2,000 city residents will be guaranteed a $1,000 payment in the following year (BIG:LEAP).

Long Beach, California: Mayor Robert Garcia of Long Beach, California, suggested a guarantee income scheme for local artists. The scenario is still developing, and there was little information on the idea accessible.

Sacramento, California: The Direct Investment Program in Sacramento will provide $300 monthly payments to 100 families for a period of 24 months (DIPS).

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San Diego, California: As part of the Resilient Communities for Every Child Initiative, 150 randomly selected participants will receive $500 monthly payments for at least 24 months.

Columbia, South Carolina: Under the Columbia Life Improvement Monetary Boost, 100 participants will be guaranteed $500 monthly payments for a period of 12 months (CLIMB).

Denver, Colorado: The Denver Minimum Income Project will offer homeless persons with guaranteed income varying from $50 to $6,500 per month.

Madison, Wisconsin: Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway of Madison, Wisconsin, is apparently soliciting funds for a soon-to-be-announced guaranteed income pilot.

Newark, New Jersey: 200 volunteers will get $250 payments every two weeks for 24 months, while another 200 will receive $3,000 instalments over the next two years (schedule is yet to be decided). Both programs are part of the Newark Movement for Economic Equity.

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