Voice Cast & Character Guide- Ferdinand.


Here is a simple guide for the actors and cartoon characters of Ferdinand.

Inspired by a children’s book by Ferdinand from the Spanish animation Munro Leaf, the Spanish animation tells the story of a soft bull named Ferdinand who hates bullfighting and avoids training on the farm to find his favorite farmhouse. After his arrest, Ferdinand was confronted with the selfish El Primeo, the world’s largest bullfighter.

Ferdinand was published by 20th Century Fox in 2017 and released by Blue Sky Studios. Despite the good results and good marks at the box office around the world, you can not beat the biggest anime of Disney, Disney’s Coco and Pixar. Ferdinand was nominated for an Academy Award and Golden Globe for the best-animated film but twice gave Coco. But Ferdinand is an interesting and funny film that boasts a talented and enthusiastic speaker.

This comes back with a character who brings the player back to life.


John Cena – Ferdinand

wrestler actor John Cena appeared in Ferdinand, a pacifist bull who prefers to bloom. Ferdinand escaped from his farm, Casa del Toro, but he had to return to fight the world-famous bullfighter El Primero. On the way, Ferdinand discovered the terrible truth about bullfighting and convinced his colleagues to escape his fate.

Lupe – Kate McKinnon

 According to Kate McKinnon on Saturday night, Lupe lives in Casa del Toro, the “true goat,” which serves to keep the bull cool. The problem is that an attractive magnifier calms down just like a tornado. But he became Ferdinand’s best friend, helping him leave Casa del Toro for the second time.

Bobby Cannavale – Valiente

Mr. Bobby Cannavale ballet robot and fame about his return to his homeland expressed his role as Valiente, the villain who wanted to be the biggest bull in Spain and laughed because he did not want to fight in Ferdinand.

Peyton Manning – Guapo

Guapo is a vain but intense exercise for bulls that are prone to vomiting or disappear when they encounter bulls with a fear of the scene. He is the voice of former NFL quarterback Peyton Manning.

Anthony Anderson – Bones

Anthony Anderson (Black) chose Bones, a rare, but very fast and competitive bull that lives in Casa del Toro.

David Tennant – Angus

The main character Ferdinand is a Scottish actor and former Doctor David Tennant. He chose Angus, a bull from the Scottish Highlands.


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