Vin Diesel’s Bloodshot proves that he needs Fast and Furious more than he thinks


Diesel’s latest released movie Bloodshot is struggling in the box office as well from the critics. The actor realizes that the Fast and Furious franchise is his true bread and butter. He needs it more than he thinks.

The movie Bloodshot has driven home that Vin needs the Fast series, and likely more than he would care to admit. The latest effort from Dom actor has struggled for success. The movie Bloodshot has received negative reviews from the critics, although the viewers who have turned out for it seemed to like it. some credit can be given to Diesel for trying something new, even if he isn’t pushing himself far from his comfort zone, but it hasn’t worked out well for him.

The plot of the movie is very simple and acts as an origin story for the character. The story seems somewhat like the story of Robocop. Diesel plays the former Marine Ray Garrison who is murdered along with his wife. He his then helped by an organization that makes him a superhuman using nanotechnology. In the process, his memories get washed away. He then spends time training with fellow super soldiers until his memories return. The movie is a revenge thriller with a sinister twist that gives the movie something of an edge.

The movie debuted on the pages of Valiant Comics in 1992, and two decades later, talk of a film adaptation finally gained traction. Many names were attached and subsequently dropped from it, before it finally reached the big screen with Vin Diesel in the lead role.

If anything, the movie Bloodshot has driven the point home that the Fast and Furious franchise is where Diesel belongs. They need each other to be mutually successful.
Well, this is it, guys. We hope the best for the actor for his upcoming movies in the future. I hope he keeps entertaining his fans.


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