Vin Diesel’s Bloodshot Movie is getting Negative Reviews. Why?


Diesel’s latest new comic book movie Bloodshot has received overall negative reviews, though some of the critics have praised it as a fun popcorn flick.

The movie recently arrived in the theatres, but unfortunately, it has attracted the most negative reviews. Based on the Valiant Comics character, Bloodshot stars Diesel, as the former Marine Ray, now a nanotech enhanced assassin codenamed Bloodshot. As the movie progressed further, Garrison begins to uncover more of his past and gradually discovers how and why he was transformed into a superhuman.

Vin’s close association with the Fast and Furious series makes him naturally fit for an action-packed superhero movie based on a more under the radar comic book title. The actor has expressed fairly grand ambitions for the property, stating his hope that it could serve as the starting point of a shared universe of Valiant Comic Book characters.

The movie Bloodshot is off to a rough start when it comes to early reviews. Bloodshot currently holds a 31 percent rating on review aggregate Rotten Tomatoes. While many are praising the movie for its action and energy, most viewers also feel that the movie ultimately falls short of its aim as a comic book movie.

While many of the negative reviews from the movie do offer a degree of praise for it as a fun popcorn flick, the consensus is that it adds little new material to the superhero genre. The critics also describe Vin’s performance as committed but unremarkable. However, the movie has also received some more positive reviews that praise it as an action movie.

Well, we wish the best for the entire team of the movie. In the movie industry, these kinds of things happen. Well, there is more movie with Vin Diesel to come. He never fails to entertain his fans.



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