Vin Diesel’s Bloodshot Is Hitting Theatres Soon


Bloodshot is a character where a man and his beloved die. Then through enhanced nanotechnology, science brings back life into the man. But as all superhero movies show it not just being him his life back but also some extra superpowers to make him superhuman. He trains with the soldiers and tries hard to get back his memory. After a lot of struggle in the process of recalling his memory, he finally succeeds and gets to know the avenges the death of his wife and himself by the killing person behind this. So all together puts the character Bloodshot. This is done by the Valiant movies.

Words from Vin Diesel :

With F9 already creating a lot of buzzes before it’s release, there is a lot in store for Vin Diesel. With March 13 for the Bloodshot to hit theatres, Vin Diesel is not just excited but a lot tensed about this. The superhero role is not new for him as he has done Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy. He feeling a lot pressurized to play Bloodshot as he is not just playing the role of superhero but he will be playing the real-life soldiers role. So all must wait till March 13 to know how Bloodshot will be taken by people.

What’s in store for Variant :

Variant movies were created by Kevin VanHook, Don Perlin and Bob Layton. Bloodshot was released first as it was so quick to grasp. This will be followed by Rai with a series and XO Manowar a Viking who is kidnapped by aliens. He gets a suit of futuristic protection. Another project is Harbinger who is a center for a group of characters. All these follow up by Bloodshot.


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