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Vin Diesel’s 7 Best Sleeveless Appearance Ranked

But long before the 2011 blockbuster release, Diesel was living his best muscle shirt-only life on the big screen. And, as he had been doing for two decades, De Niro did it for acting.

In honor of the F9 hit theaters this summer, we’re talking Diesel’s best sleeveless acting moments on the rank and file.



A junk-turn-international guy from Mystery Gender Cage as Xtreme Sports, Diesel yells at the bad guys and shows enough “metal” shoulder tots to do a day’s work with the hot topic Employee Blush.

He jumped out of the falling cars and ran off the motorcycle, blowing the roof off a small path.

The Fate of the Furious

The over-the-top car of this sequel set in Cuba takes a break in the racing scene. By cutting a denim shirt with sleeves, the Toretto looks a lot of blue steel-worthy from behind the wheel.

Fast & Furious 6

They can also call it Dom’s Biceps: The Movie because they are all the time. In scenes standing behind tables, or working on car accessories, or trading on cash bricks.

Fast Five

There is life first, and life afterlife this lewk. Come to me, brother, indeed. We can’t help but Stan.

Pitch Black

One of the best films on Diesel’s CV, Pitch Black, and Riddick’s character, uses the actor’s intimacy to introduce tea to the character. 

(No, seriously, it’s true!) This is part of Riddick’s leap as a battle of a planet full of ruthless aliens.

The Chronicles of Riddick

The film is all forgotten. Fans remember the unique entry that he has up his sleeve in the anti-performance canon. 

Because there is life before life, and the afterlife, Diesel wears his inner Doon hero wearing armor that protects most of his body.


The sequel to the grit-size-fi film Pitch Black is a script dumpster fire, but it gives Diesel’s scowl-prone titular character some of his best sleeveless brooding moments.

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