Iconic Actor Vin Diesel Teases Upcoming Movies projects


The iconic actor Vin Diesel has been teasing about his upcoming movie projects which could include sequels for the movie’s bloodshot and the last witch Hunter.

Diesel has several franchises under his belt namely the fast and furious movies which aired in 2001. weather 10 days he has other big movies and roles namely NSA spy, Xander Cage in xXx.

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Diesel has since retired from playing those characters but has a dance of playing them in the future. but before that, he plans on releasing another addition to the label bloodshot which is so nice upcoming adaptation of the valiant comic book series. this movie is said to be released in February.

later he plants on not only taking up the roles of Rodrick and cage but also got from guardians of the galaxy. In this case, bloodshot is another character that this is forgotten about.

The star of fast and furious to Instagram to offer his thanksgiving update after completing the production of fast and furious 9 which he claims to be the longest film shoot of his career. He later then started to talk about his upcoming projects which included the potential sequel to the last witch Hunter.

With his Instagram post having the caption not to mention “the possibilities of witch Hunter and the follow-up to bloodshot” implies that he might be onto something.

The last witch Hunter released in 2015 is about a witch Hunter cast with immortality who goes to war with his creature century-old enemy the witch queen.

This fantasy adventure that cast this big label actor was positioned to start a potential franchise. However, those plans were abandoned and the movie received bad reviews and God only 147 million dollars at the box office. If Diesel’s word has to be trusted the last witch Hunter 2 would be released in spite of all of these defects.

Hence it is not sure that the universe will get a sequel to this fantasy movie. The only confirmed sequels are the guardians of the galaxy volume 3 and the fast and furious 10 which signifies the conclusion of torrent Saga.

and even if bloodshot does become a box office hit Sony will I want him to keep his other projects on hold and take up this role in the potential future. Fans can only hope that diesel does not disappoint them through his career path they understand that it is never okay to completely surrender on a possibility of a sequel.