Vikings: 5 Connection Mistakes That Fans Might Missed


These aren’t so easy to notice on account of this captivating subplots and strong character development.

Vikings is currently in its sixth season and the series has had a few continuity errors up to now. These are easy to notice due to this subplot and character development that is solid.

The series has an overall score of 93% score on Rotten Tomatoes, which ranks it higher than Game Of Thrones, which has a rating of 90%.

The early seasons of Vikings followed mythical Norse hero Ragnar Lothbrok along with his raids. But, Ragnar ended up perishing in the fourth summer and changed to his sons. Here are the continuity mistakes in the show which you might have missed.

5. The Sudden Sails

In the twelfth episode of Season 4 titled “The Vision,” Ragnar desired to sail into England however there was much concern out of his warriors that he had been deserted by the gods.

Many believed the assignment could be dangerous. It turned out to be because a storm happened, causing their ships to capsize.

A continuity error from the episode happens at about the 36th minute and marks. Camera angles from inside the ships reveal them to be without sails.

However, shortly after that, camera angles from supporting the ships reveal that the sails are already present.

4. Ragnar Forgot He Named His Son?

In the second episode of Season 2 titled “Invasion”, Ragnar bids farewell to his wife. He is planning to depart for foreign lands, although the ship was hit with plenty of setbacks. In 1 scene, he speaks to his son and turns to Alyssa’s stomach.

He speaks to the kid and goes on to name him, specifically saying: “And to you, Sigurd”. However, when he makes a return from the fourth installment and Alyssa reveals him to their son, he asks”How can you name him?” Possibly voyages create amnesia. Who knows?

3. Vanishing Slash Mark

In Season 2 Rollo and Bjorn do battle practice at around the minute. Rollo manages to slash Bjorn round the left side of his belly and then makes contact, slashing his right arm. An in-form Rollo eventually compels Bjorn to submit.

Rollo assists Bjorn to contact his feet shortly after. But after Bjorn has stood up is nowhere to be seen. This can be a highly illogical occurrence unless his skin regenerates like this of a mutant. Edit-in or someone forgot to draw the mark.

2. A Repetitive Arm

Torvi the shield-maiden is one of those figures that got much better as the show went on. She never gets some form of tolerance for abusive relationships and as a result, she’s normally more than glad to proceed. To Borg, Eriendur, and Ubbe, she’s been married Through the show run.

In Season 4, Episode 6, Torvi, sadly, ends up being part of a continuity mistake. She is seen pointing at the ships of Lagertha she enhances. A sequential shot reveals her pointing with the same arm.

1. Ragnar’s Torture

In what may also be termed Ragnar, as a not-so-satisfying plot twist, the character of this series ends up dying after being thrown into a pit of snakes.

This occurs in the fifteenth episode of Season 4 branded “His Angels.” Fans have been hoping to make a surprise return.

Sadly, Vikings founder Michel Hirst confirmed during an interview with Variety he isn’t a fan of increasing characters from the dead so Ragnar won’t return except in flashbacks.

Where he gets tortured by King Aelle, From the event in he arrives in Northumbria. The ropes around his neck are removed. When King Aelle starts to hit on him the ropes suddenly appear again. Seconds after, the ropes are gone. This occurs at around the 29th minute.


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