Venom 2 Update: Leaked photos of Woody Harrelson’s are confirmed fake


The leaked photo which have been revealed from Venom 2 showing off the Woody Harrelson’s Carnage has been mad confirmed to be a fake one. One of the biggest smash-hits from the 2018 was the Tom Hardy’s Venom, which also saw the British actor taking on the iconic role of Eddie Brock for the very first time.

The movie was Sony’s first Spider-Man-Centric film which did not featured the famed web slinger and against all the odds, it actually became a commercial success and also a fan favourite.


Leaked photos of Woody Harrelson’s are confirmed fake from Venom 2


The film’s post-credits scenes even teased Woody Harrelson taking on the role of the main villain carnage for the coming sequel.

With the upcoming Woddy Harrleson’s Venom 2 still on their track to hit the theatres this year despite the corona-virus pandemic, the fans of the franchise have been ridiculously excited to see the Carnage’s cinematic debut for the first time.

Their excitement was so much evocative that even some of the fans thought that a photo of Carnage making all the rounds online was actually from the upcoming Venom 2.


Then it all turns out that the photo was supposedly shows Harrelson as Carnage is actually a fake one, with the MCU cosmic confirming that it is from a Spider-Man 4 fan trailer which was from the year 2016.

That is quite a disappointment which hit quite close to the home for the Venom fans, especially because they and we have not seen a look of Harrelson’s Carnage. At the very end of the first film, the fans of the movie got to see Harrelson’s Cletus Kasady, who also teased his Carnage alter-ego.

Venom 2 Leaked photos of the character Woody Harrelson’s carnage confirmed fake-4

Other than the red villain being the main villain for the upcoming sequel, the details for it are quite slim for the Woody Harrelson’s film.

The fans of the franchise and the movie are really excited of the upcoming Venom 2. They want to see all the characters coming in together and have fun with how the storyline is made for the second part of the movie.


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