Venom 2 Trailer Release Date Revealed: Concept Trailer of Sequel

Are you also eager to look for the trailer for Venom 2 starring Tom hardy? Then read the article carefully to know the details about it.

After the success of the first part, the fans are now eager to know when the trailer for Venom 2 will be released. the original Venom movie was a huge success when it was released back in 2018 by Sony, and then a sequel was quickly put into production to capitalise on the character’s popularity.


Venom 2 Trailer Release Date Revealed

The release of the sequel was planned for October this year, but as with many theatrical productions, that might change or get pushed back due to the delays brought about by the coronavirus pandemic. As of yet, Venom 2 is not expected to face any such delays.

The sequel began being developed during the production of the first movie, and the original cast is all set to return, including Michelle Williams, Woody Harrelson, and Tom Hardy as everyone’s fav. While Ruben Fleischer directed Venom, Andy Serkis has stepped in as the director of venom 2. In the early stages of production last summer, Andy revealed that he had a very clear idea of what the visuals for the movie would look like.

Venom 2 Concept Trailer

With so much talk regarding the sequel, it’s no wonder that the fans are keen to see the trailer. If the releasing date stays put in October, it is reasonable to expect something soon. The ending of Venom revealed that the main antagonist in Venom 2 will be Carnage, another symbiote who is also the offspring of Venom himself.

Some of the fans expected Carnage to be present In Venom, but he was reserved in order to work on the character development of Eddie Brock. The big-screen realisation of Carnage has been a long time coming for the fans, so the pressure s on for Venom 2 to deliver.

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