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VENOM 2: The Much Awaited Sequel With A Different Storyline, Film expected to Be A Major Hit Than The Previous One.

So, the Venom released was an unexpected major hit and now the franchise aims to continue the streak of this famous sci-fi series. In this write up we shall discuss the Venom 2’s story plot, release date along with the latest trailer.

Sony’s Spider-Man was a major spin-off, while the  Venom was a huge blockbuster hit on the charts. It’s now reported that its a new sequel is on it’s way. Past incidents remind that when the first sequel was released the cast members were saying about next sequel, and they were uttering confirmations about it.

According to news and confirmations, the new movie will be releasing against it’s major rival’s such as Deadpool 2 and Guardians of Galaxy. The director of Venom 2 is reported to be Andy Serkis and further added that the movie would be going to be an extraordinary class of cinema. The crew of the film did not reveal more about the film, in the latest interactions of the crew with the media persons.

Matt Tolmach is the producer of the Venom series i.e. Venom and Venom 2 and may be for the upcoming series as well.  In his latest interactions with spokesperson, the producer told that Venom 2 focuses more on the relationship between Venom and Eddie.

Robert Richardson is the new cinematographer of Venom 2 pin-pointed that Symbiote will be the main villain of Venom 2. For the film, Tom Hardy as usual returns as Eddie. The new member of the cast is Naomie Harris, rumours suggests.

This news is not 100 per cent confirmed that the Bond movie actress might be the villain Shriek in the Venom sequel, so take it with a pinch of salt.

The first sequel was released on October 5 2018 and according to the latest sources confirm. The upcoming movie reports say that Venom 2 is scheduled to be released on July 31 2020. Nothing has been officially confirmed yet, and we are also in  the state of guessing rather than jumping directly to the conclusion.

Still we are on the hope that the movie will be a much bigger hit than the previous one, and will surely break it’s previous record. The cast and crew are already working hard and let’s see what their hard-work will finally pay them off.

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