Venom 2: release date, cast, plot And much more


Venom is an upcoming movie of Tom Hardy and it is directed by Matt Reeves. Although the first part collected huge in the box office now, it is time to bring in another sequel for the audience to taste the new action and adventure in the big screen.

The Release date

Marvel Studios is working over the production of Venom 2. The sequel is expected to be in the theatres during Halloween. The movie can arrive on 2nd October 2020.

The Expected plot

In 2018, we saw the first solo movie for Venom, and the second part is going to release in 2020. In the previous section, we were introduced with the origin story of Venom, and the final scene of that movie showed us a hint of Carnage. So in the next film, we can hope Carnage, who is a dangerous villain of the Marvel universe.

As venom venom belongs to the Spiderman Universe, so we could hope for a crossover between Tom Holland and Tom Hardy. It would be so cool to see the both in the big screen. The fans would definitely love the crossover.

The fans are eagerly waiting for hero Spiderman and the iconic Villain Venom to share the screen as these two characters shared the screen in the past as well, where we could see Eddie Brock and Peter Parker as a photographer of the same newspaper.

This time it seems that Marvel has got a very deserving Venom, so most of the fans are desiring this crossover to happen. According to some sources the officials are also trying to bring these two together for the new sequel.

Well this is it. Let us hope the best for the whole team and wish them success for their upcoming movie. Get ready folks because this year is going to be much better than last year.