“Venom 2”, “Morbius” and Some other movies gets IMAX Release, Sony announces

Venom 2 Morbius Spiderman 3

Sony is ready for its upcoming projects in the year 2021. Due to the current pandemic situation, all the projects of Sony have been shifted to the year 2021. 

Already 2021 was a big year for Sony and the COVID-19 outbreak delay added a few more to the list. Also, a piece of good news prevails for the audience. Find out in the article!


What did Sony recently announce?

Audiences and fans who usually go to theatres for the movies are up for a treat. Recently, Sony has released that the top movies like “Venom 2”, “Morbius” and Tom Holland’s untitled “Spider-Man 3” will now be released in IMAX. 

Due to the pandemic outbreak, all the productions have been put on hold. This results in massive delays in many productions.

All the movies of Sony lined up for the year 2020 have been shifted to 2021 marking it an important year for Sony. Sony gives good news to fans by providing them the facility of watching the movies in better quality and with a better experience in IMAX.

Venom 2 Morbius Spiderman 3

Which movies can be expected from Sony in the year 2021?

Sony is all packed for the year and fans will get immense adventures next year. The listing of the movie starts with the sequel of Venom, a blockbuster Sony movie released in 2018. 

The sequel of Venom is named “Venom: Let There Be Carnage” which will have Tom Hardy as the lead actor. Then comes “Morbius”, a movie of anti-heroes starring Jared Leto in the lead role. 

The list continues to Tom Holland’s Spider-Man 3, Spider-Man recently came to Sony. Even, Ghostbusters: Afterlife is lined up for the year.

Get yourself ready for one of the most adventurous year of Sony, 2021.

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