Venom 2 Fan Trailer Has The Most Carnage Comic Adaptation

Venom 2

The sequel of Venom follows the Spiderman Maximum carnage comic book arc in a new fan-made trailer, which features Spidey having his head bitten off.

After the box office success of Venom, the sequel will bring back Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock along with a new villain in Woody Harrelson’s carnage. The arrival of Carnage was teased in the mid-credits sequence of the first movie.


First introduced in The Amazing Spiderman comic books in 1992, Carnage is a symbiote which over the years has attached to the number of different hosts, most notably the serial killer Cletus Kasady.

Carnage was the main antagonist of a series of Spiderman crossover comics that saw the villain and his gang going up against Spidey, Venom and also their Avengers like the crew of superheroes.

Approximately named it as Maximum Carnage, the event ran for 14 issues spread over various titles and ended with carnage being defeated by Venom and then thrown into prison.

Now, the storyline of the carnage comes to life and thanks to the fan artist stryderHD, who has created a trailer that imagines what Venom 2 would look like as an adaptation of the comic book arc.

Eagle-eyed viewers will also notice Emily Blunt making a cameo appearance in the trailer, as styderHD used snippets from A Quiet Place to beef up the monster quotient in the clip.

A real Maximum Carnage movie would require the presence of Spiderman alongside Venom, but it is still a very open question whether the two will ever appear together on the big screen. Spiderman remains a part of the MCU after Disney and Sony struck a deal, but Sony is seemingly still intent on getting Spiderman and Venom together in a movie.

The fans are certainly excited at the prospect of a Venom/Spiderman crossover, and Maximum Carnage would be a great storyline to adapt to make that possible. The fans would be interested to see Venom 2 does with carnage first. Well then, let us hope for the best.