Venom 2 Director Andy Serkis Reveals How Far into Filming Marvel/Sony Sequel Is


Venom 2 is an upcoming action film coming up this year by October. It is an American superhero film based on the Marvel Comics character Venom, produced by Columbia Pictures in association with Marvel.

Distributed by Sony Pictures Releasing, it is intended to be the third film in Sony’s Marvel Universe and the sequel to Venom.

The director of the movie, Andy Serkis offers an update for the fans on the project revealing that he is already well over a month into filming the Marvel/Sony sequel.

Andy has provided an update on the upcoming movie Venom 2.

Thanks to the box office success of the first Venom, Sony is moving forward with plans to make its Spiderman villain movies part of the Marvel Universe.

The trailer for Morbius has already been confirmed the Jared Leto- Led spinoff takes place in the MCU with Keaton reprising his Homecoming role as Vulture and Morbius walking by graffiti of Spiderman in the footage.

Tom Hardy is reprising his role as Eddie Brock for the Venom sequel, with Michelle Williams and Woody Harrelson also returning as Eddie’s ex-girlfriend Anne Weying and the serial killer Cletus Kasady (building on the Carnage tease in the first movie’s post-credits scene).

The movie is already been in six weeks shooting by now which means that the film may manage to get in the theatres by October.

It has always been assumed the date was claimed for the Venom sequel, but the lack of the firm updates over the past two months raised doubts about it being ready in time.

Let us hope the best for the entire team and wish them luck for their upcoming movie.

Andy Serkis has been a great director known for his effects on the screen. He will do good in the movie and hope that he makes it a good one.


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