Venom 2: Confirmed Release Date, Cast and other details!

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Venom 2 is a Superhero creation done by Sony Pictures. The character of Venom is taken from Marvel Comics. The first movie “Venom” was a blockbuster hit of Sony Pictures. As soon as fans saw the first movie, they started talking about the sequel. Here comes a piece of good news for the fans, we have the confirmed release date of Venom Sequel. Find out!

The Cast of Venom 2:

Spiderman Meets Venom 2

It is confirmed that Tom Hardy will be playing the role of Eddie Brock and Venom. Also, the cast will include Michelle Williams, Naomi Harris, Stephen Graham, and Sean Delaney. There is a big rumour going across about the cast of Venom Sequel. The rumour is that Tom Holland who plays the role of most famous Spider-Man and Peter Parker will be featured in Venom Sequel.

We could see Tom Holland in Venom Sequel because Sony has the rights of Spider-Man. So it becomes possible that Sony will be adding Spider-Man to Venom to make it more exciting.

Release Date of Venom 2:

Initially, the release date of Venom Sequel was 2 October 2020. But due to the current situation of the pandemic, the production of the project has been delayed. Although, another release date is announced by Sony Pictures.

The exact release date of Venom 2: Let there Be Carnage is June 25, 2021.

The Possible Plot of Venom 2:

Venom Sequel will revolve around the fight between Venom and Carnage. Cletus Kasady ( Woody Harrelson) who plays the role of Carnage will have a major part in the upcoming movie. Meanwhile, it is expected that Venom and Eddie will have stronger relations.

Venom 2 is confirmed and is a major part of Sony’s year of 2021. Let’s be ready for an exciting movie!