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Venom 2 Actor Tom Hardy Shares Woody Harrelson’s new look as Cletus Kasady With Less Crazy Red Hair




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While performing experiments by a wicked scientist on the alien kind creatures, one of the creatures invades the body of journalist Eddie Brock. 

So this is also basically a superhero movie where the powers to him are got in a laboratory. So this story revolves around him. With immense response from the people, the team has decided to bring the second part in pictures.

About the post :

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Tom Hardy the lead actor of the movie has posted a picture of Woody Harrelson’s new hairdo as Cletus Kasady in the sequel.

He captioned it saying Hey Cletus. Many were disappointed in the hairstyle of Woody Harrelson as he did not has the long red wig as in the first part. 

Venom has got a negative element for it’s CG effects and double usages. So some fans expect that could even be a double.

What’s in store :

With Cletus Kasady out of jail and Shriek played by Frances Louise Barrison with an incredible talent to manipulate sound and even fly are all set to make tough time venom to live. 

So the second installment of venom is going to be very good combat between these two villains and Venom.

So the second installment of the movie is going to be a rollercoaster ride for the venom and Marvel fans. There are still a lot of surprises planned by the team to amazing fans.

Release Dates :

With Sony and Marvel in good interest in the spiderman movies for it’s the response for fans. Following the release of Morbius The Living Vampire they are further planning to release as many as five spidermen oriented movies from now to 2022. 

In that venom 2 being one. Sony’s MCU is known well in distinguishing itself as a darker extension of the MCU brand. 

Venom 2 is in the safe hands of Andy Serkis with his past masterpiece of Netflix’s Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle.

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