Vampire Diaries Season 9- Is it Returning Soon? What we know so far about its Cast and Plot

Aren’t you guys still not over with Vampire Diaries?

Because I’m not! Anyone could crave for those amazing vampires holding powers to see again on screens.


But will there be another season of the show ninth season?

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The show came to an end on 10th March back in 2017 (ITV2) whereas Netflix obtained it after seven pm in November. However, according to a few lead roles and the founders, the ninth season is not likely to take place.

Though the producers thought of doing it again and giving a treat or a last chance to all the lovers like me but ultimately had to lose the idea.

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Ian Somerhalder who had been viewed as Stefan Salvatore for eight seasons has stated he does not have any plan to return to the series.

He passed a humorous comment of not having the ability to play the young vampire for his whole life whilst on the other hand quoted some beautiful words that there’s a wonder in closed and things only come in our lives to leave an impact on our lives which can be cherished forever.

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The other main characters of this series like Nina Dobrev( Elena Gilbert) and Paul Wesley( Stefan Salvatore) also have denied coming back for one more season or playing the very same characters.

But who says if the writer and direct character characters can decide the destiny of the series, since there are chances of the Series as it is not cancelled by CW returning formally.

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So, lovers, you can still expect and may be lucky enough to have a ninth season.

The season of The CW’s godly large schooler drama publicized over two years back. Will enthusiast get to watch The Vampire Diaries season 9?

In light of this top-rated book series by L.J. Smith, the show was created for the little display surfaced on The CW at 2009.

Set in the pleasant yet paranormal town of Mystic Falls, the long-running show concentrated on the vampire love triangle involving heroes Elena (Nina Dobrev), Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley) and his sibling Damon (Ian Somerhalder) close by the city’s other individual and not human occupants.

What does the cast need to say?

Ian Somerhalder, who played with the character Damon Salvatore, has likewise said he has no goal to return into the show once more.

Somerhalder has said: “In a decade, I’ll be living on a farm in Wyoming, and you’ll never get notification from me .”

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Wars tossing his vampire-enchantment even though he could be found in the Netflix Original Series V.

Nina Dobrev, who plays with Paul Wesley and Elena Gilbert, who stars as Stefan Salvatore, has likewise denied playing with characters once again or returning for another season.

Diaries sibling shows

The Vampire Diaries spawned not one-two side projects – Legacies and both the Originals. It so built up an unwavering fan following more than its eight seasons.

A run was thrilled in by the series. The season 8 finale of it wrapped up the greater part of its storylines pleasantly that were uncertain. So much so that it comprised some significant character passings and endings.

Till date there is not any back of Caroline Forbes or those Salvatore brothers. Fans wait for Caroline Forbes to come back in another season of Legacies. Even though there is no sure news of this as well.

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For now everything we could trust is our favourite characters probably won’t be in Mystic drops. A number of these moved into New Orleans (The Originals), and sure we could grab ’em there.

There an expectation of collecting we don’t see that coming soon.

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