Vampire Diaries: How Caroline Got Pregnant Despite Being A Vampire

Vampire Diaries In the fiction stories, there is a set of made-up rules. Rules like these existed in the world of Vampire Diaries. So how did Caroline get pregnant if she was a vampire? All those Vamprei diaries fans run it in your brain and think. Why? and How can she be pregnant?

It is an accepted fact the show that vampires can’t be pregnant, it is a price they have to pay for their immortality. A vampire’s body freezer in its age, and is frozen till he dies by some external intervention. Biologically it makes them incapable of having a child. In the story when Jo died, the Gemini coven found a way to secure their future.


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Vampire Diaries How Caroline Got Pregnant Despite Being A Vampire

After Kai escaped from the prison, he decided to take revenge with all those who are against him. He believed his vengeance would be served if he kills the entire coven. “I’ll Wed You in the Golden Summertime.” Jo bled to death in Alaric’s arms. And, everyone believed that her babies died with her.

However, in the final moments of jo’s death, the members of the Gemini coven performed one last spell. Kai thought it was an attempt to banish him, but they actually saved the babies by putting them into a surrogate.

Since Caroline being a vampire was not able to conceive a child, it was later known she was a surrogate of jo’s children. It was a huge twist, and fans found out later in the episode how Alaric’s daughters survived the wedding massacre that killed Jo.

Valerie explained twins were the lifeblood of the coven, and in the past, if a pregnant mother was in danger, transferring the babies was their “magical fail-safe.”

Caroline was reluctant to conceive the baby as she believed her body would not be able to do it physically. And this would, in turn, lead to the child. “I can’t have Alaric’s babies inside of me.

Not only is it impossible, but it literally defies the physics of the universe.” Alaric told Caroline that since she breathed and had a heartbeat, it wasn’t outside the realm of possibility that her body could support a baby.

However later in the show, we saw her taking care of 2 of her children. It was clear that the pregnancy test was wrong and she did have the babies.

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