Valiant Comics Getting Into Video Games


Comic Creator Valiant will soon be a video game based on its merits, released on several platforms developed by Blowfish Studios.

Valiant, known for its various comic properties such as Bloodshot and Shadowman, will soon be a video game showcasing various properties released on all available platforms developed by Blowfish Games. Although not well known as major players like DC Comics and Marvel, Valiant is making a major play on consumers with well-written comics and film tie-ins for its various qualities.

Video Game

The latest film will be based on the company’s bloodletting character and Vin Diesel will serve as the top hero of the same name. While the initial reactions to the Bloodshed trailer did not shine as a result of the divisive visual effects. There is no denying that it is very different from some other superhero films. So, of course, Valiant also wants to break into other mediums when there is a stir in the film.

In this case, Valiant Comics has announced a new partnership with Blowfish Studios, which will create a series of games based on Valiant’s biggest characters. The deal will see these titles, which are still unused as of this writing, stating that they will release on multiple platforms. The details on which the heroes are being printed are still unknown, but Bloodshed and many other upcoming film and television projects would be a good place to start.

DM Mintz, the founder, and CEO of Valiant’s parent company, DMG Entertainment, was excited by the announcement. Given that this is a multi-game deal, it allows fans to get better acquainted with the Valiant Comics Universe and the various characters that live with it.

Other projects of Valiant’s works include a new series based on Quantum and Woody, as well as the Harbinger film produced by Paramount. All in all, things have started to pick up for Valiant and Blowfish has a strong studio that will help them make the opening titles. While it is unknown how these will end up on a large scale as Blowfish is a small company, they are promising to fans of Valiant comics several times.


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