Valeria: Diana Gomez – Age, Instagram, Characters

Name: Valeria

No. Of Seasons: 1


Created By: Maria Lopez Castano

IMDB Rating: 6.2/10

Starring: Diana Gomez, Silma Lopez, Paula Malia

Valeria: Diana Gomez – Age, Instagram, Characters

Valeria: Season 1 released on the date of 8 May on the platform of Netflix. Here are some of the details that you should know about its lead actress. Her name is Ms Diana Gomez. Note that Diana Gomez is a Spanish actress.

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Diana Gomez History


Netflix is an entertainment platform that is basically based on the USA. Netflix is known for some of the most popular drama series like The Witcher and Stranger Things. But in some of the recent years, we had seen more amazing content on this platform. Because of this reason, Netflix has gained some of the great numbers of audiences.

Netflix consists of series, movies, tv shows as well some amazing reality shows. In includes some of the legendary content. There are documentaries, reality TV shows, and also some of the Oscar-winning movies. So, from this, we can say that if you have taken the subscription of Netflix, you will never get bored. The reason for that is because there is plenty of content out of which you can choose yours.

Valeria is the next amazing series on this platform. It is a Spanish drama series which consists of some amazing talent. The next Netflix star is from this series that is the lead actress, Diana Gomez.

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Netflix Journey Of Valeria

On the date 8, May 2020 Valeria Season 1 was premiered on Netflix. The storyline of Valeria revolves around a writer who just loves his work. Adding to this, his love life comes to an end.

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Diana Gomez as Valeria

In this series, the role of Valeria is done by Diana Gomez. Diana Gomez is a Spanish actress from Igualada. It is a small town situated in 43 miles (70000 m) inside the Capital of Barcelona, Catalan. Diana Gomez was born on the date 7 March 1989. So, currently, she is having the age of 31 years. She started her acting career in the year 2005.

Far from the acting, she is very active in two social media platforms, Instagram as well as Twitter. 63k is the total followers after coming to Twitter and Instagram.

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