V Wars Season 2 Release Date, Story Details, What to Expect


The principal period of V Wars, the rambling vampire epic, hit Netflix in December in 2019, however, fans have just been eager for subtleties on when they can anticipate a second season if it.

Release date

It’s hazy to state precisely when the second period of V Wars would go live, however, if the group is as of now doing theoretical work on a subsequent season, at that point it could maybe hit as right on time as December 2020, to coordinate with the release on holiday of the season 1.


V Wars didn’t make a requirement as overwhelming effects as different shows on Netflix, however despite everything it requires a lot of after creation work. On the off chance that December of 2020 isn’t come to, at that point mid-2021 would probably be the time when season 2 comes out.


V Wars’ subsequent season will see, without a doubt, Dr. Luther Swann confronting a more grounded than at any other time Blood Nation to get back his child, yet there might be a much more grounded outline set up if the arrangement proceeds to steadfastly follow source material of Maberry’s V Wars.

The subsequent V Wars comic collection, Blood and Fire, take a gander at the unsteady union among humans and vampires reaching a conclusion and vampires assaulting more forcefully than any other time in the past ever.

With significant characters meeting their end in the season one finale, it wouldn’t be astounding for V Wars’ subsequent season to present some new characters.

Somerhalder has additionally spoken in interviews about an interesting new daughter and dad team that enters the image.

These connections will stretch and challenge the bond among people and vampires as V Wars keeps on recounting to its tale.