V wars season: 2 premiere Date And more


V wars is an American science fiction-horror web television series based on the eponymous graphic novel by Jonathan Mayberry.

It can truly be defined as a classic tribute to the Vampire genre, thereby entertaining the audience with its amazing storyline and plot.

The series star Ian Somerhalder, Adrian Holmes, Jacky Lao, Kyle Breitkopf, Peter Outerbridge, Kimberly-Sue Murray, and Sydney Meyer.

The show has been very well received by the audience, soexifispeci the Vampire lovers ever since it premiered on Netflix 5th of December, 2019.

An interesting combination of Vampires and Zombies, V Wars depicts post-apocalyptic offering star blood-suckingng veteran Ian Somerhalder as a doctor trying to stop a Vampire epidimic. Rumor has it that Ian had produced and even directed some episodes.

Based on the comic book series, V Wars closely follows Doctor Luther Swann as he attempts to stop a mysterious disease that turns humans into bloodthirsty creatures, almost like a Zombie.

Admits all these mysterious dealings with the rapidly declining vampire apocalypse, Swann is seen grieving over his infected best friend Michael Fayne.

Just when he had begun to accept the truth lavabo his friend, things take a more twisted turn and get more intense when he becomes the powerful leader of the underground Vampire supremacy movement.

As more and more people are infected by this unknown mysterious disease, human society begins to get alarmed.

They are willing to save themselves and their loved ones at any cost and thus a war between Vampires and Humans appears to be imminent, getting the audience on the edge of their seats, unless of course our night in shining armor, Swann figure out a way to stop this war, whose outcome he realizes could be disastrous.

In the last episode titled, ” Bloody but Unbowed” , an official truce is announced but complications quickly arise, yet again threatening the lives of humans.

Thus the show ends its last episode on an absurd note thereby giving us hope about its upcoming second season.

However not much has been revealed about the details of the show’s second season but it is speculated to premiere again in December of 2020.


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