V Wars Season 2: Ian Somerhalder for the upcoming season and how fans can play a big role.


Every time we think of unnatural creatures, vampires are on our list and it seems like your favorite vampire in Vampire Diaries can’t stay away from them for years.

When Ian Somerhalder ended his long career as Damon Salvatore in the famous Vampire Diaries series, he started another vampire series on the NetWars show on V Netflix.

V Wars is a science fiction series starring Ian Somerhalder in the role of Dr. Luther Swan.

The following is the story of Swan and his best friend Michael Fayne when a battle between humans and vampires broke out when humans became bloodthirsty vampires due to ancient viruses.

Although no announcements have been made for the second season, we can expect the second season of the series to come out in December 2020.

It will be almost a year after the first premiere of the season. Season 2 is expected to start in power from now on in season 1 and will continue to be adapted from comics of the same name.

If the season continues and comics follow, we must expect a war between humans and vampires again. Season 2 is more of a bloody side.

Also, Somerhalder fans are delighted to see their favorite actor again in the vampire series. Netflix ‘V Wars kills vampires, turns to the dark side, expects big fans for Somer Holders and knows that they can be blessed with their favorite vampires throughout the season.

Should we expect more than a war between vampires and humans during doctoral studies?

Is Luther Swan trying to find a way to fight the virus? Or do you expect your favorite character to be a beautiful vampire? Well, by the season everything will be clear.