Use These Party Invitation Templates to Make Your Office Parties a Hit

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Life nowadays has become more hectic than ever, and the majority of the population is suffering from stress due to the modern lifestyle. Most people will agree if you blame the dull and mundane corporate routine for adding to the stress level.

It is natural for people to feel burned out due to the repetitive nature of corporate life, and eventually, the exhaustion starts affecting their productivity. If you are in the private sector, then you would easily relate to all this; in fact, you might even be experiencing it right now.


Therefore, an employer needs to break the dull routine of his employees and refill them with a sense of joy. The best way to do this is an office party. They are, first of all, fun, improves teamwork, create amiability, and breaks the employer-employee barrier.

It might be a holiday celebration, the annual office party, or New Year’s Eve; you will be surprised to see how well it works. Now that you have figured out how to freshen up your stuff, the next step would be to invite them. Well, this is where the struggle begins as most of the office party invitations are even duller than the corporate routine.

A party invitation is an initial factor that decides how much fun everyone is going to have. So it is only fair that you would give the party invitation some thought. You can go for the standard corporate approach, or you can try a quirky one, or you might bridge the gap and choose a template that is neither boorish nor too cheesy.

A real head-scratcher, isn’t it? Well, here is everything you should consider before making an office party invitation.

What Should an Office Party Invitation Include?

Your invitation card gives a perception about the party theme and generally revolves around it. Here is everything else you should consider adding to your party invitation:


The guests should know the party’s purpose, and you should try to design your invitation around it. For instance, if it is a Christmas party, then you should try making the invitation bright red and merry.

The purpose should be visible on the front, so try using a large font for the heading and using contrasting background colors to make the content stand out.

Host’s or Honoree’s Name

In case the party is held in honor of an individual, then the guests should be made aware of it. If you are preparing the invitation on behalf of another person, then their name can be added as the party’s host.

Time, Date and Day

The invitation should also conclude the essential details like date, time, and day of the party. Everyone remembers the occasions differently, so while some may remember the date, some might incorporate the occasion with a day.

Adding time can help the guests make the necessary preparation, like arranging a ride if the party is somewhere distant.


Mentioning the venue in the invitation is a given, and it should be distinctly visible from the other information. Specifying the venue also eliminates the chances of confusion as some streets and localities share a common name.


In case you are trying to assess the budget, or you have hired a party-planner, then you should know exactly how many guests will be making an appearance. In this case, you should inform the guests to report to a particular individual for confirming their acceptance.

Dress Code

Dress code is something that is easily missed out but is vital if the party is based on a specific theme. You can mention the dress code within the invitation to inform the guests so that nobody feels left out amidst the group.

Templates to Try Out for an Office Party Invitation

There are several approaches for you to opt if you are throwing a corporate party, and it changes from business to business. For instance, if you deal with law firm marketing, then you take the formal route to maintain professionalism.

Here are the best party invitation template ideas to try to make an office party fun:

The Standard Invitation

Wording: “You are cordially invited to attend the annual office party on xx/xx/xxxx. Kindly join us to enjoy an evening full of joy and laughter.”

  1. You can opt for a standard corporate invitation with a mixture of black and white or blue and white. The invitation would have elegant fonts with the background being neutral and classy.
  2. You can also try highlighting the purpose in the center and using a bright background with a checkered border. The rest of the content could be something catchy to grab the guest’s attention.

The Informal Invitation

Wording: “The fun part of the year has returned, and the company is celebrating it with a bash on xx/xx/xxxx. Celebrate with us a night filled with drinks, chat, and dancing.”

  1. You can go for a cliché invitational template with a party popper on the top and the content on the mid-bottom section. The fonts and theme could be casual as there is no need for formality.
  2. You can also choose a disco background full of dazzling glitter and sparkles. Red would be the most suited color here, and you can use its other variations to customize the invitation.

The Semi-Formal Invitation

Wording: “It is time to switch our relationships from mere professional peers to a friendly acquaintance. You are amiably invited to join us on xx/xx/xxxx for the annual office party.”

  1. You can opt for a floral theme for this one with a sea-green background. The invitation can also include elegant swirls to offer a stunning visual. The text can be presented in a standard manner contrasting the inherent theme of the template.
  2. You can try using a template with blue color as the central theme mixed with a white border. The blue color theme can be modified with its variations to exert a professional manner while also being natural. The texts can also be presented in white to better suit the invitation texture.

Wrap Up

Office parties are an effective medium to break the boring corporate lifestyle of your employees. It will allow the peers to know each other better, eventually leading them to work in coordination.

However, the first step is to make an elegant-looking invitation to ensure that nobody misses the fun. You can try out various types of invitational templates to attract your guests and inform them regarding every necessary detail.

You should choose an apt template compatible with your views so that nobody is misguided regarding your intentions with the party. Apart from the styles mentioned above, there are many more templates available on online platforms.