US Sequel: Popular Horror Movie Is Finally Renewed Or Not?


After watching Jordan Peele’s famous movie US, I conclude that the Director have already lifting major hints for another film. The creepy and scary movie is just hit at the right time on the Screen and before anyone could guess anything, It became a blockbuster hit.

After watching the last scene of the movie, we saw how Adelaide Wilson (Lupita Nyong’o) is hiding a lot of things from us. As the matter of fact, she watched something back in 1986. Her pretending and the fakeness of her character is making fans curious about her actual personality. 


We saw how she not only watch her double un the funhouse but also witnessed a lot of things. 

The movie was originally released in 2019 and after the movie premiered worldwide, it broke the blockbuster record. If you have ever watched any dumb horror movie and want to find something scary enough with a good plotline and turns, this will help you. 

Jordan Peele’s famous movie US was produced under the Budget of $20 Million dollar only. However, as soon as the movie was released, it made the producers satisfied by grossing more than $220 Million Plus Dollar. 

Audience appreciated the movie and also made several demands for its sequel. With such a great popularity, there is no doubt that the creators would think of another part. 

In this article, we’ll be going to study everything about the movie Us and its possibility of another sequel. If there is anything that you want to ask, use our comment box. Continue reading the article and find the right thing for you. 

US Sequel: Is it Going to Happen?

Us sequel

After the movie became a blockbuster hit, fans were curious to know if there would be anything more to hear about the story. The show follows the characters and their doppelganger which makes big chaos in the life of the original people. Somehow with all these things, the show still manage to entertain the people. 

As the ending scene of the series was quite miserable and there was a lot of things that the creators have left unclear. If you have watched the US then you would’ve known how things went worse in the end. There were already a lot of questions inside the head of the people and they needed ANOTHER PART. 

The movie already grossed $220 Million dollar against the biggest of $20 Million Dollar. All these things and reportedly being on the good side of the story and that’s the reason why the show was being popular. Audiences are demanding a US Sequel but there is no response. 

So afr the creators haven’t revealed anything regarding the movie and there is a lot of wondering. The movie is not confirmed by the showmakers and it’s been almost 2 years since we last heard the movie. 

If the movie was designated to get renewed, it would have been renewed till now. So far, there is no official confirmation regarding this movie. 

Camila Cabello is coming for the first time in the movie. The famous Pop-star who has released hit songs like Senorita is coming in Amazon Prime Video’s exclusive movie, Cinderella. This movie will follow the old classic Cinderella story with the modern pinch. Read the article to know everything about it. 

US Sequel Release Date: When is it going to be released?


The US sequel is one of the most demanding things for now. All the fans of the Horror movie have already been hoping to see the legendary movie back on the track. It’s been over 2 years since we last heard from the movie. If the movie had to get another art, it would have been there. 

But as there is nothing to say, the creators have not yet confirmed the movie. On the other hand, in an interview with Variety, Pelle revealed that they are not planning for any sequel. The creators have said, “Please No, Thankyou” when asked about the possibility of returning the show back for another part. 

This concludes that the movie is potentially not coming back for its Sequel. The ending of the movie has already made the audience wonder and many of the fans are not understanding what actually happens, so we are preparing another article for you. Comment down if you are wondering about the ending of the US and want us to explain it.

The stars have made such great chemistry in the show that the fans are denying these two to date. However, this isn’t true because we know both of them are in sprearted ways but this is what their chemistry has done to people.

As the series released its Two Film series back to back, the show started to get a lot of talks. The couples are already loved and the audience are already chanting for another sequel. To All The Boys: Always And Forever takes a big comeback. Here is everything that has happened in the series and we want you to take a quick look. 

What are the ratings of the Movie?

Before ending this article, I would like to see how the critics and the audience have actually rated the movie, As the movie tells about the Horror and scary? How scary is that? The fan’s and critics’ reactions would help you to conclude the performance of this article. Here is the ratings of the show, take a quick look at them and find out everything about it. 

IMDb rating: 6.8/10

Rotten Tomatoes: 93%

Metacritic: 81%

On the other hand, the audience rating summary of the movie states it is 3.1 and a large number of people have a positive response towards this movie. One [erson says, “I find myself thinking about Us time and time again due to how unforgettable and fresh the movie was. Right from the start, the black screen with the information about underground tunnels instantly works to set the unsettling mood.

I remember feeling so shocked when I first saw this in theaters as the characters were all REALLY likeable and genuine. For once in a movie, I could really FEEL and relate to the anxiety and fear that Adelaide had when going to the beach. It went even further at home”

With all these positive comments, the movie is amazing and the audience have reacted towards it.