This is something good I think banning the TikTok app. The United States Marine Corps is taking some action against an emerging threat from China by keeping it’s wildly popular app TikTok away from the Marines. If some of you did not know that both the Army and the Navy have banned soldiers from using the Chinese owned video-sharing service on government phones because it has been a deemed cybersecurity threat by the officials.

Some sources tell us that the Marines are following the suit. Captain Hector of the Marines Forces Cyberspace Command tells us that TikTok has also been blocked from their government-issued mobile devices. The man says that the decision making is very consistent with their efforts to proactively address existing and the emerging threats as they secure and defend their network.


The Defense Department sent a message to their everyday working employees in Mid-December instructing them to be wary of applications that they download, they should monitor their phones for the unusual and the unsolicited texts and they should delete them immediately and they should also uninstall TikTok to circumvent any exposure of their personal information.

Some of the sources tell us that the branches of the military decided to block TikTok shortly afterward. The decision taken is a very good thing, and this is according to me this decision should have been taking long before when the application was released.

It is very much obvious that those serving in the Military are just like the rest of us but they should follow the rules and regulations which have been made for them.