US Hospitals at ‘Breaking Point’ as Covid-19 Rebounds in Multiple Areas

US Hospitals at ‘Breaking Point’ as Covid-19 Rebounds in Multiple Areas

COVID Rebounds in Many Areas, Hospitals Reach Breaking Point

The fast-spreading Delta variant has the country’s already-stressed healthcare system at breaking point, despite the widespread availability of immunizations.

The Covid-19 rebound seen in several parts of the country is just as bad as last November’s, according to data compiled by the agency from the US department of health and human services.


Covid-19 patients are using more ICU beds than a year ago in up to 15 states, with Colorado, Minnesota, and Michigan have the highest rates at 41%, 37%, and 34%, respectively.

“Many of our physicians are at a breaking point,” Ali Mokdad, a professor with the University of Washington’s Institute for health metrics and evaluation, was quoted as saying.

“It’s not easy to be a day in and day out in an emergency room, in an ICU, looking at someone who is dying because he or she is not vaccinated.”

Because many ICU beds are taken by patients with known or suspected Covid-19 infections, hospitals have less room for patients with other illnesses, many of which are potentially fatal.

The situation particularly bodes ill news for the Northeast states, where cases began surging a few weeks after the Midwest and the Rocky Mountains.

For the previous two weeks, the US has seen daily increases in infections, driven by the more easily disseminated Delta virus and people staying inside owing to the colder weather.

According to experts, protection instilled by vaccines is waning, and the country could face yet another major wave of the pandemic this winter.

Last Friday, US officials extended eligibility for Covid-19 booster shots to all adults, letting millions of Americans increase their virus protection.

Instead of urging more residents to cover up and get vaccinated, Michigan has not enforced any prohibitions on public gatherings.