Upload Season 2: Will Season 2 Happen? Are The Fans Going To Get A Good News?


Upload Season 2 Updates: Will Season 2 Happen? Are The Fans Going To Get A Good News?

Upload is a bang on sci-fi series. It hit the Amazon Prime Video no later than recently. But now the fans are eagerly in the wait for more. Will the sci-fi comedy be back or not? Let’s find out in the article.

While considering the present situation we can easily conclude that the whole world is going through a lot. The best solution to lift up your mood during this tough time is the entertainment world. We must say that the creators of the entertainment world are taking good care of that. Recently, Amazon Prime came up with a new sci-fi series, Upload.


The creator of the series is Greg Daniels. His some other works include ‘The Office US’ and ‘Parks and Recreation’. Well, Upload is based in the year 2033, where humans are able to upload themselves into a virtual life of their choice, in their afterlife. The series depicts the story of a computer programmer Nathan and his afterlife. It shows how he prematurely die and uploads to a virtual world. The series consists of a lot of fun, drama, comedy, and twists.

Upload Season 2 Release Date

upload season 2

Upload came out recently on the 1st May 2020 and it was an instant hit. The series got a huge amount of positive response from the fans and critics. It is already in the discussions for the season 2. Well, the fans are always looking for more in their favourite shows.

Will there be Upload Season 2?

So, there is good news for the fans as the creator confirmed about the Upload Season 2 of the series. Greg Daniels said that he is thrilled to continue the work with Amazon Studios and with the wonderful cast. But yes, apart from the confirmation there is no further information about the second season. One big obstacle in the way of second season’s production is the ongoing pandemic of coronavirus. It has put the whole world on the hold and our series is no different.

The fans are in the wait for more but currently, all we could do is hope and wait patiently for the best to come.