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Upload is now coming with Season 2 after a good success for their first season


The Upload Season 2 has been confirmed by the Amazon after the first series of this sci-fi show landed on the platform. And now, here are some of the things that the fans need to know about the upcoming season of the show.

Amazon Prime first dropped their new science fiction series Upload. From the main creator of this show The Office US Greg Daniels, the comedy also delves into the virtual afterlife it is much like Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror. Some of the sources have revealed everything that the fans need to know about it.

Will There Be Another Season?

Yes, this will be in short answer after the streaming platform Amazon prime gave the second season a green-light that a mere week after their first outing appeared on the screen.

In the statement from the firm, The Head of Amazon Prime Studios Jeniffer Salke said to the fans that in case of Upload this show will be coming for a second season for the fans. And they need not have for a long time it will be a short time period for the show to arrive on the online streaming platform.

When Will Upload Season 2 Come?

Now, due to the current health crisis or the corona-virus pandemic and the global lockdown, there is much uncertainty over the television and the film production houses.

Therefore it is very hard for us to predict that when the new season of the show will be coming on the online platform. But, this much we can say that the fans have to wait for some time for the official dates and even for the production beginning.

The cast of Upload Season 2

As this is just the first season of the show, so the cast of the show will be the same as the first season of the show. So, the fans do not have to worry about the cast they all will be coming for the second season of the show.

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