Update on the Fourth Stimulus Check: New Direct Payments Could Still Be on the Table


The potential of a fourth stimulus check, however, may be more probable than some imagine. Several Citizens of America appear to have lost trust in the potential of a fourth wave of federal direct payments in 2021. Despite less than eight weeks until the end of the fiscal year, lawmakers on Capitol Hill are more concerned with reaching a settlement on President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better plan.

To started with, over than 3.5 million People in the U.S. have signed a petition calling for greater stimulus cash. While this is unlikely to spark immediate debates about a fourth round, it may motivate politicians to think about it. Late in March, 21 Senate Democrats signed a letter pushing Biden to consider continuing stimulus money.


Furthermore, in an unique employment market characterized by a labor shortage caused by low pay and benefits, hiring has slowed in the previous two months. Poor employment figures may prompt Democrats to seek more stimulus funds, particularly because the party appears to be falling well short of the $3.5 trillion in construction funding that would have created 18.6 million new jobs.

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Finally, it has been claimed that the payments were minimal, which might be crucial in the future as the economy experiences growing inflation and a damaged supply chain.

According to a study provided in late September by Capital One Insights Center, the final three payments were insufficient. According to the poll, “by August, 24 percent of low-wage employees were actively looking for employment, the highest percentage of any income level.” Fourth, it may take months for the economy to fully revive from the epidemic. Although many vaccination regulations, millions of Americans have still not been immunized, putting the country at danger from new COVID-19 variants. A weakening global economy might hurt the US economy due to low immunization rates. Oxford Economics reduced its 2021 global economic growth forecast from 6.4 % to 5.9 %.

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