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UNTOLD: Malice at the Palace- Who Was The Real Culprit Behind The Historical Fight?

UNTOLD: Malice at the Palace

Netflix has been up with documentaries lately and if you are an active user and love to watch their series often then you would know this better. As for me! I always love to explore the latest movies and you know the first thing I check after opening Netflix is their Top 10 category. It was so different and surprising to watch different series making their place in the chart. Recently, UNTOLD: Malice at the Palace has been on their list and I immediately clicked on the series. 

The kid inside me, who always loves to check for the latest and new series, doesn’t think twice about opening the trailer. It turned out that the movie is based on some sort of Volleyball player. 


My boyfriend is a Volleyball player and always talks about different players that inspired him. He immediately asked me to watch the documentary movie and we both decided to watch it. 

The series has been on the trending list for a while now and if you are also a big Volleyball freak and want to know everything about the gaming world then wait. Finish this article and bless yourself with everything about the game. The new documentary has also focused on all the controversial and past topics that have made a big impact on people. 

UNTOLD: Malice at the Palace – When it is going to Release?

The Documentary series has been confirmed by the officials and also the date has been scheduled. UNTOLD: Malice at the Palace is confirmed to release on 10 August 2021. 

The series follows the incident of 2004 where the NBA games have been turned off. After the incident took place, the fans and the world were in shock. The fight took place between the Indiana Pacers and the fans of the Pistons. But you must think. What is so shocking about that?

We have already witnessed these big players often fight in the game and that hasn’t led to much bigger issues at all. But sometimes, these fights make the game more interesting and the fans feel that they are worth their time. But the fight isn’t a fight in this case. Many players have lost their careers after the game and millions of money were lost. 

After the 2004 incident. Nothing really happens similar to it. If the players ever thought of fighting, it ultimately makes them remember 2004’s NBA situation. 

As quoted by the officials, November 19, 2004, is a day that will forever live in NBA history and forever redefine fan and athlete interaction. For the first time, we show the never-before-seen footage of that night and hear the story firsthand from those that lived it, giving the players an opportunity to explain their actions and defend their character against a night that left their reputations stained both on and off the court.”

Who is John Green?

The historic fight that surprised and shocked many people also led to several big issues. No matter what it takes, the fight still remains the same and people still love to hear about it. While I have already discussed the whole theme of the show in the above paragraph, this section is different. 

So have you watched the fight? If yes then what do you think? Who is the real culprit? Who actually started the fight? For some people it is Ron Artest because the player has come forward in the first place but if you knew it was John Green? How? Why? But before that one must ask who is John green?

John Green is a fan, ironically an obsessed fan who loves his team and can do anything to take revenge from the overlaid one. He was at the side of the fighting and got a little over the fight. When he found that things were getting interesting he threw a beer can in the mood of players, well yes! can you think? 

John Green threw a beer bottle in front of Ron and that made things worse. With the incident, Artest and his fellow people got arrested and even got banned from playing in the NBA after 2004. But when the Investigation team checked the camera and other resources to get deeper, John Green was found. The fan eventually takes out and also gets arrested by the cops. 

With this incident, people realize what exactly happens in the 2004 incident that still is a hot and dark topic of discussion. It was also revealed that John Green was the prosecutor of Oakland and had been punished for 30 days of imprisonment with 2 years of probation. 

Will There be More Parts of This Documentary Series?

The series has been released on the Screen and all the parts regarding the show have been up. But will there be more parts of the show? Well, this is all up to the creators but I believe that there are still many topics to cover. The NBA is full of controversial and hot topics and fans would be excited to see what happens inside them. 

With the UNTOLD platform, I think that the creator must be trying to get all the things that play an important aspect in people’s lives. So far, there is no official confirmation about the Tv documentary series but the audience is really hoping to cover many other topics. 

I’ll recommend you wait for the announcement to predict anything. If there will be anything to tell in the near future, I’ll make sure to let you know. 

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Is there any Official Trailer for this show?

The official trailer of this documentary film is up on Youtube. If you, by any chance, didn’t get the time to watch it then don’t worry. Watch the official trailer of the documentary film and comment down your reaction to it. 

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Where Can You Watch The Documentary Show?

If Volleyball is your go-to game and you can’t go a day without the NBA stars making their goal then this documentary film is something to die for. For a player, it is living heaven on the planet. These types of documentary films give the closure a look at the gaming world and a fan gets to know more about the game. 

Netflix has officially launched this series on their platform and all the rights are reserved for them. If you want to watch UNTOLD: Malice at the Palace then it is exclusively available on Netflix. 

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