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UNTOLD: Deal with the Devil- Christy Martin’s Inspirational Story

UNTOLD: Deal with the Devil

The UNTOLD documentary series of Netflix has been receiving a lot of appreciation from the audience after it made its release this month. This documentary film discussed all the past incidents and controversies regarding the gaming world. Netflix’s love for real-time documentary film is gaining its height and the UNTOLD series is a living example of this hard love. Netflix is ready to premiere its another documentary UNTOLD: Deal with the Devil now. 

Last week, UNTOLD: Malice at the Palace was up on the OTT platform that revolves around the historic fight between two volleyball players. Now, UNTOLD: Deal with the Devil has been holding up another game and this time the audience is keeping an eye on it. 


This new part of UNTOLD is dedicated to the famous female boxer Christy Martin, who has been in the talks since the 90s. The woman has done a lot of hardship in order to be where she was. 

The latest show discovers all the hidden secrets and talks about her hardship, sexuality, and more that affected her throughout her life. If you are someone who loves such documentary films then this article will help you. 

Read a brief note about Boxing and Christy Martin through the talks on Netflix. Keep scrolling the article to get everything about the upcoming movie in detail. 

UNTOLD: Deal with the Devil

UNTOLD: Deal with the Devil is the story of a female fighter who started her career in the 1990s. The story about the female boxer, Christy Martin is an inspiring one. If you have your greatest interest in boxing then I’ll recommend you to watch this series. 

Netflix has exclusively made a documentary film on her. Keeping in mind many other important factors. Christy Martin is the daughter of a Coal Miner. 

The new movie shows how the small girl of West Virginia grew up and her life living in a small town. She suffered from a lot of problems in her early childhood and her hardship in the documentary film is worth checking for. 

After her introduction to games, she has tried multiple ones. She even played Volleyball and was a member of the Boy’s volleyball team. But her fighting skills were still growing inside her soul. After she joined the academy, the trainers got inspired and impressed with her skills. 

You would be shocked to know that her punches were hitting harder than any other male fighter in the room. All these things have been so inspirational to watch on the screen.

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UNTOLD: Deal with the Devil – When it is Going to Release?

The release date of this series has been already announced by the officials. In the Netflix recent post, it was confirmed that the movie will be up on 17 August 2021. 

Even the UNTOLD series on Netflix has been ranked in the TOP 10 category. If you are like me, who always searches for different series in the TOP 10 list then you would love to watch UNTOLD: Deal with the Devil. The deal with the Devil is such an inspiring story. 

I don’t know if you need such inspiration in your life reading sports and all but we, as a human, somewhere need some sort of catalyst to enhance our reaction. 

So to enhance our lives in a much meaningful way, we need movies and shows to inspire us. I think that UNTOLD: Deal with the Devil is something that is inspirational and interesting at the same time. 

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UNTOLD: Deal with the Devil Review: Is it Worth Watching?

Watching someone achieve his/her role through a bunch of hardships sounds cool and amazing right? Yes, this is what dictates the life of a young girl living in West Virginia. Finishing her long-lost love of Boxing in the court, she knew at the right moment that this is what she needs to do. 

The movie shows some of the small and big fights that she won in order to be where she is now. Her biggest inspiration in the journey was Bon King, a well-known boxer of the 90s era who was regarded as a king. 

Martin, by now, has established her well-known image in the Boxing world. Even you will find her character childish and cute but in the match! Oh Lord, she is something different. 

Personally, I would love to recommend you guys to watch this documentary film. Not only because it is inspirational and all but also, to let you know about what someone goes through in his life. The movie provides us with knowledge of everything around the world in a positive way. You will definitely come out smiling after closing it. 

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Is there any Official trailer for this Movie?

Netflix is also good at making Official trailers and I will always accept the fact that they make their trailers great. No matter how much the series sucks in real life, the trailer is good. 

“I might get beaten, I might get knocked down But you cannot Kill me” with this sentence, we saw the young lady telling us her story. The official trailer of this series has been up on Netflix. If you, by any chance, didn’t get the time to watch it, we are here. Watch this amazing trailer for the movie and let yourself know more about Martina and her life. 

How does the Audience React to this Movie?

A documentary film about the famous boxer who once holds the power to undercard the famous boxer legend, Mike Tyson. Can’t put anything above her as being a girl she has highly get respected in the community and show everyone that women are not always about feminism but about equality. 

Her life was well portrayed in the film and the fans were furious to see what lies behind this overpowered woman. In the trailer, she clearly mentioned how all the things affected her life but she knew that Boxing is something she needs to take throughout her age. 

The audience and critics have positively reacted to this movie. The IMDb rating of UNTOLD: Deal with the Devil is 7.3/10. 

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