Unpregnant Review: A Roadtrip of Abortion And Friendship


“Unpregnant” is recently in talk after many people find the movie interesting. The movie is absolute brilliance and would make a viewer stop and look for it. Unpregnant deals with the absorptions, social injustice, political consequences through the medium of two girls. Recently, we have come across a lot of rules and regulations by the government of the country that normally took the human rights violations. Through the movie, the directors have tried to port as how it feels to have the abortions done by the girls and what are the circumstances they have to go through. 

Personally, the movie is something that I would recommend you watch thoroughly. As it moves further, we come across the friendship and the emotional values that the characters play. Someone who definitely goes to the assumption that this movie will thoroughly teach about abortions but in reality, you will come to the comedy that the characters have in between. 


Veronica and Bailey are the two highlights of the story. Both the characters have a strong bond of friendship which they lost over the ages. However, the journey of abortions makes them realize their friendship and it somehow makes the audience felt emotional in a way. The story unfolds in a dramatic way of life. 

Furthermore, it tells the viewers that what are the consequences of going to the Road not taken. 

Since the readers are much awaited for this movie as it is not available in any streaming platform and want to learn everything about it, we are here to tell you everything. Read this article till the end to get to know everything about the movie in detail. 

Unpregnant: What is it?


Unpregnant is an American Comedy-drama movie released in 2020 for the first time. Directed and co-written by Rachel Lee Goldenberg, this movie deals with the abortions of the main lead. Inspired by the novel that shares the same name, Unpregnant is something that would make you look and stare at it. 

Following Haley Lu Richardson as the main protagonist of the film. Her character, Veronica Clarke, is a young girl who gets pregnant, and after finding out that she can’t get an abortion in her hometown because it needs the consent of her parents, she few all the way to 400 miles with her best friend to get the abortions. 

The movie received well-received appreciation from the people and the audience loved the movie. Though it puts light on numerous things at the same time, the movie never feels too much and overloaded. 

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Unpregnant: What is the story all about?

Unpregnant movie

The movie centers around Veronica (Rachel Lee Goldenberg) and her pregnancy. The young 17-year old girl sets herself for the pregnancy test at the school but gets caught by Bailey, who is her former best friend but they kind of forget each other after a while. Unknown to Veronica’s real identity, bailey saw that her test was positive and she was actually pregnant.

After that, she offers Veronica a ride to the nearest hospital where she can check everything up and gets the abortions done if she needed. However, Veronica disposes of the test into the bin and she directly assumes that she was going to have the baby because of this incident. 

But things were not the same and Veronica decided to put the abortions but after finding out that it requires the parent consultant and advice she refuse to get abortions in her hometown. 

When Veronica told all these things to her boyfriend Kevin, he directly aroused her and asked her to marry him. His sudden reaction changes everything because she has never thought of Kevin as her husband and doesn’t have anything serious for her. In reality, Kevin is a sweet guy but Veronica never sees him as a person to whom she will get married. But still, she took the ring and this hopes Kevin that she said yes.

Later, she decided to go all the way to New Mexico because there, abortions are allowed and it doesn’t require any parental consent. But she needed the money to fly all the way there, later she found Bailey n the way and she helped her to get things clear. Unpregnant is a road trip of feelings, friendship, and the journey that ultimately ends on good terms. In the mid-way, we quill see that the writers have it all the social injustice and the optical satire to make it more appealing. 

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Unpregnant Movie Review

Unpregnant movie updates

Unpregent is what a teenage movie looks like when someone leaves the sparkle of humor, knowledge, social ethics. A brilliant movie that would be an eye stop for anyone who desires to go through the different shows. Since abortion is a well-known topic and people have already raised voices against it, we are here with the movie. 

The very idea of abortion lies on the individual. If someone goes through an unexpected pregnancy and doesn’t want to take the child, the person has to absolutely write to make things work according to her. Recently, many governments have banned abortions and because of it multiple circumstances have been seen. 

We have already watched the movie where we go through an unexpected pregnancy. There are tons of shows and movies where someone becomes pregnant due to an unexpected reason, even though they have used the protection, but have to accept it. The idea of accepting fate is not what it all about 

The beauty of Unpregnant is that it deals with individual choice. Veronica, the lead role of the movie, faces the pregnancy unexpectedly. Even though her boyfriend is sweet, she doesn’t have any desire to marry her and have kids with her. 

As she wanted to have the abortions but the hospitals require the consequence of their parents. When this happens, we come across the movie and the things she has to face with her. But she is not alone. The movie shows the death of friendship and the reality of the things a girl has to feces through the abortion. Abortions are hard and painful but what if the person is not capable of doing it through the external factors. 

Moreover, the movie is a satire of the cultural and social aspects of our lives. Even though the movie deals with the political issue of the city. 

At the ending, we see how things get changed for the better and the movie gets extra very emotional and happy. The friendship and the relationship between Veronica and Bailey is the major theme of the movie.

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Is there any official Trailer to watch?

Anyone who hasn’t watched this movie yet and wanted to watch it then you first have to watch the official trailer. Go through the official trailer of the movie and get to know what it is all about. Here is the official trailer of the movie that will help you a lot.