Ultraman Season 2: Netflix Confirmed The Release Date And Official Teaser

Ultraman Season 2

Netflix has already established his name among the best OTT platforms and has been launching some of the best shows on it. The streaming platform has remained the best place to hangout and since they have a great range of shows, viewers love it. But after Netflix launched a bunch of popular anime series, there was no coming back. It’s been a while since Netflix brought back the old and popular Japanese shows to their platform and one of them is Ultraman. 

For those people who are not aware of this series then let me tell you everything here. This is a Japanese anime series which is about the heroes and their stories of saving the world. Ultraman is a whole anime franchise that deals with these superheroes and tells their stories through different seasons. 


Moreover, Ultraman is one the most prominent anime characters that are developed by the Japanese media. The popularity of the anime is everywhere and the show has generated tons of grossing though it. This anime series is recorded as one of the most number of spin-off holders and even named in Guinness world record. 

The anime series was the top third selling character in the world and this is mainly because of its popularity in Asia. The Merchandise of the characters have grossed $7.4 Billion dollars, which is much more than some of the popular movies and shows. 

Such huge popularity of the show made more noise when Netflix launched the show on their platform. Since the anime was majorly populated around Asia and Netflix covered all parts of the word, it became important for the studio to release the show there. In this article, we’ll be talking about the series and its upcoming season 2. If you are someone who just finished the first season and want to know everything about season 2 then here is everything for you. Continue reading this article till the end and find out everything regarding the series. 

Ultraman Season 2: Is it Confirmed?

Ultraman Season 2

Recently, the Japanese Television series have released their first poster for season two. The fans are excited to watch the popular drama. Ultraman season 1 was hectic and ended on a terrific note. Anyone who has watched the whole Japanese series would know that the show is all about seasons with an amazing storyline. 

Even though the series has such huge popularity, the viewers were confirmed that there will be Ultraman Season 2. Tsuburaya Productions, which collaborated with Netflix have revealed their future plans. 

According to the studio, they are making sure to release the series as soon as possible. The upcoming season will reveal the stories of these Ultraman and bring back new challenges. 

After the Giant OTT platform revealed the first animation poster, the fans were super delighted that there will be another season. 

However, it’s been months since the anime has revealed their poster. As it confirmed the news of the upcoming season and makes the viewers believe that Ultraman season 2 is coming but when? The release date of the series is one of the most asked questions on the internet. Let’s take a look at this issue and update you about it.

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Ultraman Season 2: When is it going to be released on Netflix?

Ultraman Season 2 Release date

After the confirmation, the audience was craving for the show to release. It’s been a rough journey for the viewers since the reveal of the poster was made quite early. Recently, Netflix has dropped the official teaser for their upcoming show and this raises the question of the release date. 

The fans are eagerly waiting for the officials to release the date but nothing has been confirmed yet. The official has reported that Ultraman Season 2 will be coming in the upcoming year.

Last year, Tsuburaya Productions revealed that the anime has started early production and will be releasing super soon. But after the global pandemic, the release date collapsed and so did the production. 

It was later revealed that the series will be released in spring 2022. Fortunately, Netflix has enclosed the data and confirmed the Ultramen Season 2 release date. The anime show is scheduled to release in April 2022.

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How Fans Reacted to the Ultraman Series?

Ever since the news of Ultraman on Netflix came out, the fans couldn’t keep themselves calm. It’s been a while since the show released its first season and as soon as it came out, it became an instant hit.

Is There Any Official Trailer to Watch?

Netflix has not yet revealed the official trailer of the anime series but the official teaser is revealed. Ultraman Season 2 has revealed the Official teaser of the anime series. If you are one of those people who haven’t watched the official teaser then here is the official teaser.