Ultimate Tag: Why You Need To Catch Fox’s Surprisingly Badass Series

Ultimate Tag Series: The Fox has given a lot of good series to binge-watch on. Just like The Masked Singer, Ultimate Tag seems to gain a huge fanbase. Ultimate Tag is actually an American obstacle competition Television series and it premiered on May 20, 2020. The show airs on the channel Fox in the United States.

The Fox’s shows are trailing the path of success continuously so undoubtedly Ultimate tag is going to add more fans and success in the list of Fox. The show is totally a badass one to binge-watch on.


An Introduction of Ultimate Tag

The Ultimate Tag consist of the contestants and those contestants have to go through some indoor obstacles. The show is actually a high-octane physical competition. This totally insane show is based on the classic playground game of chase. The show’s main essence is its action with the bang on commentary.

The NFL star siblings J.J., T.J. and Derek Watt are the commentators of the show. They totally add on to the treat for the viewers. This time the competitors of the show are no professional athletes and normal everyday citizens. They have to vault, tumble, dive and play with their brains along with the physical strength on those 3-D moving hurdles.

One ultimate goal of them is to not get caught. The commentary of the show adds to the treatment for the viewers. The competitors encounter more exciting and difficult hurdles as the show moves forward. They earn points as they progress in the game.

Ultimate Tag: A Top Notch Show


Have you ever witnessed a person doing flips and catching the person? If no, then don’t worry you are soon going to witness all the weird things in this show. The action with all the commentary will totally be a treat to watch on. The contestants are no superhuman but yes they are totally fit and fine humans.

The show’s contestants have stably conditioned and good health and body. The show includes athletes who  will chase these competitors. These are the main stars of this show. The show has a lot of irreplaceable factors that first looked like a stupid plan.

Well, If we talk about our commentators of the show, we must say that the trio is irreplaceable. Their motion commentary is all that was needed to make the show top-notch. The guys share brotherly chemistry and it only proved to be a good one for the show.

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