It has been six years now since Fast and Furious actor Paul Walker lost his life in a tragic car accident, and it feels like the whole world is still reeling. The fans and stars were left shocked, and to this day, the whole world is still remembering him. With the anniversary of his passing occurring last week, many tributes flooded the whole web, and among them was Fast and Furious Nine Tyrese Gibson, who then posted a touching message on Instagram.

Tyrese Gibson and Paul Walker

Gibson says that he recalls the horrifying moments all those years ago when he received the call, but he longs to honor his very old friend by choosing to remember all the positive and the good memories they both shared.


We all know that the great actor was killed in a car accident along with his friends as they were on their way to their charity event. The actor was only forty years old at the time. In response to his death, his brother, Caleb and Cody stepped in to help the studio finish the production of Fast and Furious 7, both posing as body doubles with the CGI added to complete the effect.

The fans may not have seen the last of Paul Walker, though. In a very recent interview, his brother Caleb expressed a desire to bring his brother back to the big screen, saying that he hopes that they get, and he doesn’t know that what to do, but he will do his best to bring Paul back and save the whole day.

There were so many rumors that have been swirling that the actor Paul will indeed return for the Fast and Furious nine but with the studio producing the movie denying to comment on the situation. We can only speculate as to what they may have planned for the very much beloved actor.