Two people died near Lover’s Key after a jet ski accident  

Aerial view of Jet Ski, Tropical Ocean Maldives island summer vacation

The accident occurred at Big Carlos Pass near the Lovers Key resort.

This is the second fatal accident involving a jet ski this year at Fort Myers Beach.


Also earlier in August, a body was discovered, near the Big Carlos Pass Bridge, it was discovered in a vehicle floating near the Estrellita Drive docks. The Lee County Sheriff’s Office ruled this death a suicide.

 On Friday, A man and a woman died due to a collision between a motorbike and a ship at Big Carlos Pass near the Lovers Key at Big Carlos Pass resort,  unfortunately, they were thrown from a jet ski.

These two people got killed by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) in the afternoon after a jet ski collided with a 23-foot-tall vessel off the coast of Fort Myers.

The two jet-ski riders were taken out and taken to hospital, they incurred some serious injuries.

After a weekend training accident in Virginia Beach, a Navy Seal Commander died.

A young cheerleader who was paralysed in a terrible tumbling accident in September is making progress.

The victim of a car accident in Taylorsville is in critical condition

The accident victims from Virginia were a 73-year-old man and 65 years old woman.

 “Unfortunately, both passengers died of their injuries,” said  FWC spokesman Adam Brown.