Twitter Trends with World War III, Know Everything Detail Why #WWIII Trending


We’re only three days to 2020 and already the world is (literally) burning around us. To begin with, there are the severe bushfires that continue to ravage parts of Australia; and now World War III is trending on Twitter and Google.



You’re not alone if you are wondering why the term has been popping up on your deadline. And, it doesn’t refer to the release of a video game that is brand new. It’s to do with, such as many things now, US President Donald Trump.

The fad was sparked after Iranian pioneer Qasem Soleimani was murdered in Baghdad’s international airport at a US airstrike on January 3. The attack was carried out at the behest of Trump, who asserts Soleimani a leading Iranian general who headed the Iranian Revolutionary Guards’ Quds Force was planning to attack Americans.

The attack was aimed at”deterring future Iranian attack strategies,” per BBC. For people who don’t know (aka most people ), the Quds Force is the most elite and covert unit of Iran’s army branches and concentrates on military operations out of Iran. The strike came days after protestors attacked the US Embassy in Baghdad on December 31, 2019, Soleimani approved an action the Pentagon claims amid tensions between both countries.


It’s a whole lot to digest. But people who are not taking the time to thoughtfully digest this very important international info? Folks Online. Since the news of Soleimani’s killing, most folks on the internet have not taken the problem seriously, rather posting tweets that joke about being drafted into WWIII (and make seriously racist insinuations around Iran):


It’s privileged AF

The most glaring problem is the fact that the people tweeting about WWIII are out and privileged of touch. It stakes for someone to converse and joke about being hammered and moving into combat when they understand that it is probably not potential for them. I say”probably” because, surprisingly, the draft is still kind of a thing.

While the US military has been volunteer-based since 1973, according to the Selective Service arm of the authorities, the government can still reinstate the draft (forced conscription) in cases of national emergency. As a result of this, all men in the USA (including immigrants) between the ages of 18 and 25 must be registered with the Selective Service System.

Nonetheless, thinking about the many other conflicts the US has had with foreign nations since the mandatory draft ended, it appears highly unlikely that citizens will be conscripted if there’s a battle between the US and Iran–which people probably assume. Thus the ability to joke.

Making joking about something that’s no longer a real possibility pretty frickin’ rude thinking about it *was* a thing for lots of Americans before something and 1973 that lots of people gave up their freedom.