Twilight’s author Stephenie Meyer tagged as ‘racist’ by Twitter in wake of New book reveal.

The novel by Stephenie Meyer ‘Twilight’ is making headlines again and this time with fresh new controversy. These are very recent and unheard controversy. Meyer, on Monday, announced that there will be a new book launching later this year in her acclaimed YA fantasy world. People, after this announcement, have started re-examining all her work and her legacy. Also, there is a sign of racism in both her work also the same is reflected in her personal attitude as well.

Meyer made the announcement about her new novel Midnight Sun, on her visit to Good Morning American, where she also announced the date of launch which is August 4. The book will be discussing all the events from the original trilogy but this time from vampire Edward Cullen’s perspective and not from teenager Bella Swan’ s perspective. Finally, the book is about to come out, Meyer was discussing it since 2008. Fans were gathering online and were visiting the movie and the book of the franchise again, showing their complex feeling around it.


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This gave an opportunity to the fans to revisit the work of Meyer from a new perspective also looking into diversity and representation in the work. Many of the people did not like how Meyer showed Native American in her story and considered the writing as exploitative. And some did not like how Meyer profiting off the name and customs of Quileute tribe.

Lack of diversity was also noticed by the fans in the movie ‘Twilight’. People also saw the 2018 interview of Catherine Hardwicke, a director who shot the first movie. He was in conversation with The Daily Beast that time, where he said that there was one heated disagreement between both of them and it was that, Hardwicke wanted the cast to be more diverse.

Hardwicke noticed that Meyer has not written the book in a diverse way as nay be she don’t see the world around her in that way. And as per Hardwicke’s statement, she wanted the vampires to be part of it. She wanted Alice to be Japanese. Hardwicke had all the plans. And Meyer just could not accept the Cullens to be more diverse as she had really seen them in her mind, she knew who each character was representing in a way, a personal friend or a relative or something. Meyer said that she wrote that they had this pale glistening skin.

Hardwicke also said that Meyer gave an idea of Kenyan-American actor Edi Gathegi playing the character Laurent and she thought that this was because he was one of the antagonistic vampires. This is the reason why the critics also say that if a non-white person is ready to play a villain, then only Meyer will cast the person.

Social media and entertainment public are still struggling with the series and the collective responses that are being received by the series. All above this, the allegations of racism on Meyer has given new light to the whole conversation. Social media is flooded with lots of responses after the announcement of the new book by Meyer.

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