Twilight Is Coming On Netflix| Fans Can Now Binge-Watch All 5 Movies

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The news recently broke on the Internet that the most popular romantic series of all time will be on Netflix. To all the twilight fans, this one’s for you. Your favorite movie series is all set to be streamed on the popular streaming platform, Netflix.

The romantic/fantasy series which was first released in 2008 was something that made history. It’s been more than a decade and the fans of the series are still binge-watching all the movie series back to back.

Moreover, Kristen and Robert might not be together but Bella and Edward will always remain one of our favorite couples which we all used to ship at that time. I know many fans still ship the couple despite there’s been a lot of things going on with them. 

Twilight on netflix

The movie was launched in 2008 and it became one of the most sold DVD movies worldwide. Based on the famous work of Stephenie Meyer, this movie is actually based on a novel series that revolves around a 17-year-old teenage girl. The Paramount Picture took the responsibility to cast the film which shares the same name as the movie. 

After the movie was released it became a blockbuster hit at that time. Soon after that, the entertainment company started to work on the other parts of the novels. Over time, there were 5 parts of this movie that are estimated to earn $3.346 Billion dollars by now. 

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Is Twilight Coming On Netflix?

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The popular vampire love story is already available on Amazon Prime Video but now another news broke recently. Fans can now rejoice on the news that after a long decade they can again stream their old series on the Screen.

For many of the fans, it is something that will make them nostalgic and remind them of their good old days. The romantic story between a vampire and a normal teenage girl will be something that most people will love to re-watch again. Surely, the time has already changed and most of our characters are settled on good terms. 

Through the news, it was revealed that Netflix is planning to take the Twilight series on their platform for streaming. 

Soon the official Netflix Twitter Account released the statement that confirmed the news. In the tweet, it was confirmed that all the five parts are ready to release on Netflix (US).

When Twilight is Coming On Netflix?

In the same tweet, the official informed that the series will be ready to release on 16th July 2021. Fans can now start to binge-watch their favorite series on Netflix. 

Earlier, there was another debate going on around the Internet that the series is already available on Netflix so how it can come on Netflix too. I know many fans will have the same question on their mind just like others.

Furthermore, Netflix is one of the famous streaming platforms in the market and it will remain on the top list for more years. As the platform is already famous for its amazing series and at that time it is quite obvious that Twilight gave the streaming rights to them. 

Also, it is not necessary that both the platforms (Amazon Prime and Netflix) can’t steam the series on their Platform. 

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How Fans react to this news?

After the Netflix official account confirmed the love story to be released on their platform, the loyal fans of this series are loving it. Fans have retweeted the tweet and shown their side of admiration towards the story. 

The US people are happy with the announcement and said that they are eagerly waiting for the release date. Some of the fans also said that the series was already available in a few of the countries like Austria and this is something that they least cared about.

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