TV review: Queer Eye season 5 made me over from skeptic to teary-eyed fan


The Queer Eye is one such gay show that everyone enjoys to see. The season 5 of the show is no doubt a big thing for the web series world. This show mainly consists of 5 characters know as Fab Five. Those characters are set out to improve the self image of an ordinary American.

The show consists of such quotes that are really hard to forget. This show has a huge fan base. People really adore the series and it’s characters intensely. The essence of this new series is that it is no cliche. The series is seriously not stereotypical and flamboyant.  In the 5th season of the series, the Fab Five move to Philadelphia. The city is sixth largest city of America and it is known as the city of brotherly love. The heart of the show lies in the way Fab Five interact with the contestants. The story of the show revolves around fashion, grooming and food. But while leading it’s way, the show is more about teaching the value of self care and self love.


Queer-Eye-season-5 (1)

The story of self love

Each episode will take the viewers deep into the life of the contestants while grasping a wider issue too. The issue of the series ranges differently. It also has issues related to immigration and cultural conflict to dating as a single dad and the lack of self-care practiced by a woman, focused towards her husband and kids.

The Queer Eye is actually a makeover show. It is about the lives of queer guys and what they do best. The show really took us to the world we may have never experienced before. It is an upgrade for the queer group. The show is also an experiment on patriotism. In the large area of America, 5 people are roaming around and visiting people who go through a lot. They make those people realize the value of self love and self worth.

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