Turntable Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021


Discover Turntables This Black Friday & Cyber Monday

There has been a steady increase in the sale of vinyl records over the past couple of years, following a renewed interest for tangible music. According to sales figures released by Vinyl Factory , they have risen 53% since 2015! Sales of compact vinyl players have surpassed the digital download this year.

When an item becomes a hot ticket item retailers want to cash in by selling as many of them as possible and with all the turntables flying off the shelves, we anticipate that there will be some deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Check out some of our favorite turntable Black Friday deals, and see our final price analysis at the bottom of this page!

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Victrola Vintage Suitcase Turntable Black Friday Deals

Victrola Vintage Turntable Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals

The Pioneer PLX-1000 MK2 Turntable is currently on sale for $ 51.22 and can be delivered before Christmas.

The Victrola Vintage is a portable turntable with a vintage style. The case folds into a carrying case that makes it easy to take anywhere you go. In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of the Victrola Vintage Record Player.

More product Details:

Given the price of this turntable, it is not surprising that there are a couple of drawbacks in the sound quality. However, this is not really what you want to be looking for with this particular unit. It’s designed to have style and portability which excels in both areas! As we approach Thanksgiving, we will be monitoring any Victrola Turntable Black Friday deals.

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Jensen JTA-230 Turntable Black Friday Deals

Jensen JTA-230 Turntable Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

The Jensen JTA-230 is an all in one, 3 speed record player with built in speakers. With a couple of good features for the money, it’s another value product for your turntable collection. Here are the pros and cons to help you make the decision:

+ Lots of great features for the price

Despite the pitfalls, this is a fun little turntable and would make for some good sound quality. We love the feature that allows you to convert vinyl recordings into digital format. It is worth waiting to see if there are any Jensen JTA-230 Turntable Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals in 2021 before you buy this turntable.

Audio Technica AT-LP60BK Turntable Black Friday Deals

The Audio-Technica AT-LP60BK is a high quality turntable. This may be ideal for pairing with your Hi-Fi system, which has great build quality–but could easily use some improvements.

While the AT-LP60BK lacks some of the features as its competitors, it is built more for durability with a higher quality. However, these would not be criticisms against the design but rather personal opinions on specific needs. If you would like to purchase this product, it may be worth consulting for Technica AT-LP60BK Turntable Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals in order to get a better price.

Turntable Black Friday Price & Deals Analysis

===Black Friday turntable deals in 2021===
By looking at the price history of previous years, we can predict the likelihood of Black Friday turntable deals in 2021. We have seen a fluctuation in price over time- this information is shown below to help you with your decision.
On Black Friday, we saw several

The Jensen JTA-230 saw discounts of around 10% during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, before being raised to a higher price after the deals period. This indicates that purchasing the turntable comes down to timing: it is best to wait until Black Friday before choosing when to buy this device in order to maximize discounts.


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moving to the Victrola Vintage, we did see discounts of around 25% at the end of October and again during Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals week. With the Victrola Vintage, we recommend following a series of alert notifications in order to capture any price drops.

Looking at the price movements of Audio Technica’s AT-LP60BK turntable, our analysts found that the product dropped in stages from October to November. From highest to lowest during this time period, we saw a 15% decrease in price.

Turntable Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals.

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