Trump White House Records Can Be Turned Over for Investigation

Judge rules out that Trump Records be given to investigation team

Judge says Trump Records May Be Given To House Investigative Team

The White House committee has been demanding records of White House activities relating to the January 6 Capitol rebellion.

In response, Trump has sued to prevent the commission investigating the assault from seeing White House records.


He thought the request was misleading and the panel lacked reasoning for requesting such unrelated material.

On the contrary, Biden declined to call on executive privilege, believing it went against his values and the interests of America.

Due to Biden’s hesitation, Trump has accused the current government of breaching the constitution.

A US District Court rules against Trump’s Select Committee

However, despite Trump’s efforts to keep the data hidden, US District Judge Tanya Chutkan ordered their release to the House select committee.

They made the judgement on Tuesday, and the National Archives must begin disclosing requested White House materials by Friday.

Trump’s lawyers have promised to appeal the verdict as soon as possible.

The House Select Committee Can Request White House Records

Chutkan put Trump in his place by declaring that presidents are not monarchs and that courts do not treat litigants differently.

Affirming the House Committee’s right to study White House papers for the January 6 probe.

President Trump’s followers believe he is the rightful president of the United States, which led to the January 6 Capitol rebellion.

His corrosive legacy continues to threaten America’s health.

Trump in Trouble

All phone records and associated files are included as well as secretary notes, inventory, and video of Trump addressing the event.

The probe wants videotapes of Trump apologizing to angered supporters and thanking them for going home.

Trump backs the January 6 Capitol Insurrection

Trump acknowledged the uprising, appreciating his supporters’ presence but not ordering them to leave, according to GMA.

Mr. Trump’s fans stormed the Capitol 6, and the previous President claimed executive privilege over 750 pages of requested material.

He sued the National Archives and the investigative panel after Biden’s administration waived executive privilege.

One of Trump’s aides, press secretary Kayleigh McEnany, has been summoned.

The previous President was aware of the January 6 occurrences, as evidenced by White House archives.

Whether they planned it or not, the select committee’s inquiry will uncover the truth when the White House records are published.

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