Tribeca 2021 – Top 5 Must Watch Movies For You


It’s been a year and long since we all met up in public places. Hanging out in the street with friends, or having a coffee date with your boyfriends seems much different now. As people are predicting social distancing and the gathering of a large number of people looks like a crime now, but things are slowly getting back together. For the big concerts and film festivals, it was a tough year too. We all have seen the virtual and digital concerts held by artists like BTS and Taylor swift, film festivals, and award shows were also held in a similar way. But now Tribeca has much more plans. 

After being in the home for a long time and not having a proper festival that allows many people to gather and have fun, the Tribeca is thinking of something else. The Film festival organizer was first started in 2001 and as they have completed the 20th year of their immense success, they are organizing a 20th-anniversary special film festival.

But despite being a film festival, the Tribeca is going to head a “Film” for the 20th special anniversary. The cocreators have officially announced this at their special press conference which was held digitally. 

Moreover, Robert De Niro and Jane Rosenthal have said in the meeting that their main purpose is to make the people step out of their house as now everything is completely fine. 

In this article. We’ll be going to look at some of the movies that you must check out in order to mark the Tribeca day in your mind and heart. 

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No Man of God

tribeca 2021

In the times where series like Mindhunter and Lucifer are rocking on every platform, why not make a documentary on the same genre. With this idea in mind, there is another popular criminal-based documentary for all the suspense and crime lover audience.

Furthermore, Tribeca has decided to show the No Man of God movie which revolves around finding a serial killer in the town. FBI agents and all the different intelligence agencies were rarely a thing back in 1984. Bill Hagmaier decided to jump and interviewed Ted Bundy. 

The main idea of the interview is to self-commitment of all the crimes that Ted has committed till now. Bill decoded to take all the clues, recording and his own investigation to make Ted speak. The serial killer has already committed many murders and also planning to kill more people and now it’s the responsibility of the main protagonist to find the truth. 

Through watching the movie, we came across that both the people have somewhere connected to each other through the past history. While not being from the same area, these two still share many similarities in the show.

Marvel is here with its Loki series. After watching the second episode, everyone has one question in common i.e. Who is Lady Loki? If you are someone who wants to know the answer to this suspenseful question then read this article. 

All these Sons

all these sons

The US has always had some major issues within its country and illegal smuggling of guns and gun violence are some of the things that will top the list. As the country has always felt a major issue, there is a documentary on it.

Moreover, The documentary revolves around Chicago’s side where the people are affected by another deadly virus, Gun Violence. Society is filled with African-Americans who are afraid of the violence that has been roaming in the city. 

The US has always been a serious issue when it comes to discrimination against black people and Gun Violence. In the document, Two people of the same society take the initiative to make a better living in the scenario. They helped all the people who are affected by the violence directly and indirectly. 

Joshua Altan and Bing Liu, who has already been famous for their Oscar-nominated documentary before have done great social work to make another documentary. These two have also worked earlier for the welfare of the people by making documentaries on serious topics. 

Roaring 20’s

roaring 20's 2021

When the lockdown was on the whole world, there were certain things that happened during the time period and one of them is this documentary movie. Roaring 20’s is one of the movies which is just classical yet has a great idea behind the making. The movie revolves around Paris city with the residents who are living there for a long time.

As Paris is already one of the most visited tourist places in the world and is normally seen to be filled up with people, But what happens when the place is empty? Well in order to find out, you need to watch this documentary. 

Moreover, the movie casts the residents and their daily life living in the beautiful place. We come across every section of the society, from the artistic people to the kids roaming in the town to the romantic couple celebrating their love. 

The narrator asks many questions related to their opinion regarding sex, their spirituality, race, and idea about love. Through this video, you will come across people’s opinions that will make you think of the other side of the world. The narrator also asks questions regarding the ongoing topic of amateur porn and the online game world. 

Untitled Dave Chappelle Documentary

tribeca 2021 film festival

This one is the most talked about one of the Tribeca 2021 is this Dave Chappelle’s documentary. The cocreators have booked this to the very last date and the audience loved how this documentary turned out to be amazing. I have seen tons of news and tweets that appreciated this documentary and I think you should give it a try.

This documentary is filmed at a time when the world was hit with a global pandemic. As everyone has lost their jobs or their loved ones, people are depressed and tense. Now in the tough time, this comedian of small state Ohio decided to come up with an idea. He decided to gather all his friends and neighbors in a place where they practice social distancing. But the main thing about this small gathering is his comedy. 

He tried to boost and make everyone laugh in this tough time and this documentary is a glimpse of all these funny moments. 

Attached a little glimpse of this amazing comedian’s part and not to forget and people love it through their heart. You can clearly take a moment to watch this edit which is amazing. 

No Sudden Move

tribeca 2021

Another crime/mystery series is here to make your mind go think of the circumstances which sometimes seem unrealistic for us. With the direction of Limey, this No sudden move makes an amazing entry in the famous documentary of Tribeca’s festival. The show revolves around a group of individuals who are basically thieves.

They are now assigned a new task that involves the stealing of sensitive and super-secret information from a manufacturing team. Through finding the information, there come many obstacles in the way of these thieves. The director has created a perfect visual that keeps the interest of the audience on for a good period of time. 

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Tribeca is a popular film festival which has decided to make a “Film” regarding all the movies all around. They have created a perfect spot for all movie lovers. In this way, they want the people to come out of their houses and start to normalize things more. As things are getting back to normal in many parts of the world, people are still afraid to go out. Also, they have their 20th anniversary held this month. The film festival first started in 2001 and now they have celebrated their 20th anniversary this year. 

Liked this article? Tell me which one is your favorite documentary amongst Tribeca’s one? Also, share this article with your friends to let them know about everything. 


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