Trial By Media shows that how unconfirmed the officers who gunned down unarmed Amadou Diallo


While the defence played to the camera in the courthouse, banking on the emotions and also tears of the four policemen, this prosecution did not even humanise Amadou Diallo.

I want to go to the USA because she wants to get a computer degree, Amadou told all these to her mother from Guinea, West Africa. She had told all these to her mother in the late 1990s. His mother Kadijatou Diallo said that he had a very big smile on his face when she had shown him his own passport. She then said that ‘America was hoping to my son, who was on his way to achieving greatness’.

Trial By Media Plot


Then Diallo went to New York City and then began living in the Bronx. Then the 22-year-old began street peddling to meet his daily expenses. Then on February 4, 1999, Diallo was in his apartment vestibule in the Wheeler Avenue, which was located in the Bronx, and he was trying to enter his apartment when four the men in plainclothes appeared from nowhere.

They all were in simple clothes, as Diallo reached into his pocket for his wallet to take his keys out from it, then the man opened fire on him.

Then they all collectively fired a total of 41 shots at him. Then Diallo, who was totally unarmed, died at the spot within few seconds. It was also later revealed that the men were actually police officers.

Then the very next morning, newspapers and tabloids covered the Diallo’s brutal murder with the headlines saying that ‘Police fired 41 shots at an unarmed peddler’. This brutal shooting at an unarmed black man by some of the police officers sparked widespread protests in the city, with many of the public stating that this incident was not just a police murder, it was a police slaughter.